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Study Spanish in Montevideo and experience the Uruguayan culture and lifestyle. Our Spanish school is situated in ´Parque Rodo´, a residential area with bars, shops, restaurants, the National Library, the University of Architecture and a lovely park. In just five minutes walking distance, you will be in the centre of Montevideo. There is a sports park close by, where you can easily get in contact with the locals to have some fun and practice your Spanish. The Spanish school has four fully equipped classrooms with large windows and heaters in the winter. There is a kitchen, a staff room, a large entrance, a living room and a nice patio.

Why Study Spanish in Montevideo:

The Spanish classes given at this school provide total Spanish immersion.
Montevideo is one of the few continental capitals with great beaches incorporated in the urban landscape.
Montevideo offers many engaging adventure tours such as jeep tours and horseback
Interesting volunteer options, such as a biological farm or volunteer with whales
Uruguay is a booming destination in South America
Montevideo has a nice, subtropical, pleasant climate throughout the year

Spanish classes in Montevideo start every Monday throughout the year. Any level, from Spanish for beginners to advanced, is available. There is a maximum of 6 students per class per group to maintain high quality. In addition to group classes and individual classes, the school also offers Spanish for 60+, Spanish for Kids and Teens, and Business Spanish.

The Spanish classes are taught in Spanish to ensure total immersion and maximum results for students. All teachers are certified in Spanish philology and have much experience in teaching languages.

There are three accommodation options in Montevideo: a homestay family, the student residence or an apartment. With a homestay, you can immerse yourself in the Uruguayan culture and practice your Spanish all day. The families are selected with care, ensuring a comfortable stay for all students.
If you prefer to live nearby school with other students, choose our residence at the rooftop of our school building. There are five double rooms and shared facilities: a kitchen, a lovely terrace and a living area. Finally, you can also choose to live in a private apartment; it is not difficult to find one nearby school.

This school offers many different after-school activities. There is a city tour through the Old City of Montevideo, or a visit to the Teatro Solís – South America’s oldest working theatre - or the beautiful botanical gardens. Students enjoy the weekly tango lessons, nights out or go by bike right along the seafront promenade; horseback riding is also very popular. For a small cost, the school offers the option to do a wine workshop or a workshop on African dance and music (Candombe) during the weekends in the small villages around Montevideo.

Montevideo is emerging as one of South America’s coolest capitals, renowned for its architecture, beautiful old quarters and thriving cultural scene. It is a laid-back and safe city. Thanks to the location within the country, it serves as a central point for exploring Uruguay. At only a 45 minute flight from ‘big brother’ Buenos Aires, the nice coastline gives the Uruguyan capital a unique character.

In the old section of Montevideo, you will find many historical elements. There are countless museums, monuments, the Legislative Palace, boulevards, sculptures, many quaint squares and beautiful avenues. There are many parks, where book fairs, markets, carnivals and other cultural events are held. Montevideo is a very green city too and therefore offers a wide range of sporting activities.

Enrich your experience in Uruguay by practising your Spanish while supporting the local community. To volunteer work in Montevideo, take a Spanish course first for better communication with the locals. Volunteer options involve working with children living on the streets, volunteering in a home for people with a mental disability, or teaching English to children. You can also volunteer at a biological farm, with whales and dolphins or sea turtles.

Practice your Spanish while enjoying the company of an Uruguayan local guide while horseback riding, biking, kayaking, diving or windsurfing. There are plenty of active tours that allow you to explore the countryside of Uruguay or its beautiful coastline. The school offers jeep tours, visits to museums, botanical gardens tours or hot springs. As Uruguay is not that big, from Montevideo, you can see a good portion of the country in weekend getaways.

Check out the big cities of Salto (hot springs!), the colonial town of Carmela where you can visit wineries, and Paysandu. Of course, you shouldn’t miss the historic town of Colonia del Sacramento on the western front. Other great day trips are to Punta del Este, La Paloma, or you can go surfing or relaxing in the bohemian town of Punta del Diablo, or spot whales from the beaches of Piriápolis!

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