Online Spanish Lessons in Latin America

Online Spanish Lessons

Online Spanish lessons are a great opportunity if you want to optimize your time and study Spanish from the comfort of your own home! Grab your laptop (table, or mobile), connect to the internet, and interact directly with your native-speaking Spanish teacher and your classmates!

Learn Spanish at your own pace from wherever you are. Individual online lessons are tailored to your unique learning needs ánd lesson goals. Why do you want to learn Spanish? Is it for work or study? Do you have travel plans? Are you preparing for a trip to Latin America, or to Spain? Or do you just want to challenge your mind, or you like learning new languages? Reasons to study Spanish galore!

Learn Spanish at you at the time that is convenient for you: that is precisely as ideal as it sounds! You can plan your Online Spanish lessons upfront, but have the freedom to adjust the times to your convenience until 24 hours before! Flexible lesson plans start with 1 hour per week to highly intensive courses (maximum 4 hours per day) for people that need to speak Spanish quickly.

There are Spanish lessons for beginners, where you learn basic Spanish conversations, beginner Spanish grammar, vocabulary and Spanish for real-world situations, as well as Spanish classes for intermediate and advanced students.

There are individual lessons, small groups lessons, conversation-only lessons and private groups. Don’t hesitate any longer and ask us to book your free trial lesson.