Spanish and Travel in Latin America

Spanish course for beginners

Taking Spanish lessons in Latin America provides you with endless opportunities for your travelling. What about a Spanish course followed by an amazing trip in Southamerica? You can start with a Spanish course for beginners to learn Spanish vocabulary and the basis quickly and travel around Latin America after the classes if you are a beginner in Spanish. Of course advances students can do the same, while for others, the Spanish course is the main goal of their trip to South America and they travel during the weekends in the surroundings of the Spanish school.

Mix and Match Spanish Schools

Another great idea is to combine different Spanish schools since this allows you to live in different places. In Ecuador, you can start in Quito and travel to the coast to continue your Spanish lessons at the beach, in Monta├▒ita. In Mexico you can combine three locations and travel from coast to coast: start in Playa del Carmen, continue in Oaxaca and finalise in Puerto Vallarta.

In the southern cone, we recommend you start in beautiful Buenos Aires and go south to take more Spanish lessons in Bariloche. Another recommended combination that includes a border cross is: Buenos Aires and our Spanish School in Santiago (Chile) or Montevideo (Uruguay)!

In Peru, you can mix and match four very different and unique locations: from big metropolis Lima to Inca town Cusco, to the countryside (Sacred Valley of the Incas) or the Peruvian rainforest. You can also include the Bolivian capital la Paz.

Travelling classroom

There is a unique Spanish program that combines travel and learning in a ver special way: the travelling classroom!

In Central America, you have the opportunity to travel and learn Spanish at the same time! During a four-week program, you travel to three different Spanish Schools in Panama, and you end your program in Costa Rica. Not only will you study Spanish in each location but also take part in amazing activities. You will take a trip to the gorgeous San Blas islands, and you will go rafting in Costa Rica. Please contact us or the starting dates of the travelling Classroom.

Recommended destinations to Study Spanish: