Spanish Immersion Programs in Latin America

Our Spanish Schools in Latin America offer a wide array of Spanish immersion program. Check out what’s the most appealing program for you at the destination of your dreams.

Most of our students participate in a general Spanish courses, with either group or individual lessons. With this intensive courses, you will make rapid progress with your Spanish, allowing you enough free time to participate in other activities, meet new friends and explore the surroundings. Free activities are included at all the Spanish Schools.

Other students choose for specialized programs, such as Medical Spanish, or Spanish and Activities, Spanish and Travel, Spanish and Volunteer and much more! There are special programs for Families too.

Find your favorite course and see at what destinations in Latin America this course is offered!

General Spanish in Latin America

General Spanish

Intensive Spanish immersion courses include either group classes or private instruction. Learning Spanish abroad ...

Online Spanish Lessons

Online Spanish Lessons

Online Spanish lessons are a great opportunity if you want to optimize your time and study Spanish from the comfort ...

Medical Spanish in Latin America

Medical Spanish

The need for Spanish-speaking medical professionals is increasing. A Medical Spanish course can help doctors, nurses ...

Spanish for Kids in Latin America

Spanish for Families

A Spanish immersion program for families (with a special Spanish program for Kids) is a great way to grow, create memories ...

Spanish and Travel in Latin America

Spanish & Travel

Taking Spanish lessons in Latin America provides you with endless opportunities for your travelling. What about a Spanish course...

Spanish and Adventure in Latin America

Spanish & Adventure

Do you want to learn Spanish in Latin America while taking part in some world-renowned adventure activities? The Spanish and Adventure...

Spanish and Volunteering in Latin America

Spanish & Volunteering

Volunteering Latin America is one of the best ways to practice your Spanish, learn Spanish fast, meet locals from the community ...

Spanish and Culture in Latin America

Spanish & Culture

Spanish and culture programs combine high-quality learning with cultural activities that are fun, engaging and help you get a deeper ...

Internship in Latin America


Doing an internship abroad has so many benefits in our globalizing world – and Latin America offers great opportunities ...

Gap Year in Latin America

Gap Year

Deciding to take a break year or gap year in Latin America could easily be one of the best decisions of your life. You will not only ...

Other Spanish Courses in Latin America

Other Spanish Courses

The options for a Spanish course in Latin America are endless. At most Spanish Schools you can follow general Spanish courses ...

School of the Month in Cusco

School of the Month

Unique Offer: study Spanish In the beautiful city of Cusco Free Activities & Homestay. Now with big discount! ...