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Learn Spanish in Lima, at this Spanish school in the beautiful capital of Peru, in a residential area of town called Miraflores. Lima is an exciting place to study Spanish. The former City of the Kings boasts an interesting history, beautiful places and neighbourhoods to visit and many things to do. Lima is also a wonderful place to begin to learn about the unique history and culture of Peru. The school building is a beautiful former residence from the 1930s. There are ten classrooms with high ceilings, a small library, and a student room.

Why Study Spanish in Lima:

The school is in a safe area of Lima, rich in cultural heritage
The staff is very friendly, and the school is well organised
Lima is the ‘springboard’ for the rest of your travels in Peru thanks to its central location with road, train and air links to the rest of Peru
The only school in South-America that offers Spanish for Foodies!
Join our Spanish combi-program within Peru: study one week in Lima, one week in Cusco and one week in the Sacred Valley of the Incas!
Lima is the only Southamerican capital where you can study Spanish and go to the beach and go surfing!

In Lima, you can choose between individual classes or Spanish group lessons, with a maximum of 8 students per group. The individual classes can be adapted to the learning goals and specific needs of the students. The Peruvian Ministry of Education accredits the Spanish program in Lima. You will develop all the language skills effectively (reading, writing, speaking and listening) with a focus on communication and Peruvian culture and history. Special courses offered in Lima include Medical Spanish, Spanish for Business, also Spanish for Foodies and Spanish for Travelers.

A homestay with a Peruvian family is a great way to improve your Spanish level by practising what you have studied during Spanish classes with the locals while learning about the cultural and social life of the Peruvians. The homestay families in Lima live at a maximum distance of 20 minutes from the Spanish school in Lima. If you are looking for more privacy, the school also offers rooms at a student residence in Lima, and in hostels or hotels nearby the school.

There is a wide array of cultural and fun activities you can participate in while taking Spanish classes in Lima. There are movie evenings, grammar and game evenings, workshops Peruvian cooking, walking tours in the different neighbourhoods of Lima, visits to the many museums that Lima hosts, go to the trendy neighbourhood Barranco, take a boat ride and visit to “Fortaleza San Felipe" in the Callao neighbourhood, visit the food markets, or Chinatown, salsa dance lessons and much more.

Situated on the Peruvian Pacific coast, the Spaniards named Lima the City of Kings. The city boasts a rich cultural heritage and a modern urban mindset. There is something for everyone in Lima: museums, art galleries, historical sites, fancy restaurants, romantic alleys, modern neighbourhoods and exciting nightclubs. The city has many diverse faces: from the colourful colonial buildings in downtown Lima to modern new shopping plazas and bank towers. UNESCO ranks the architecture as a world heritage site, and gourmets rate the Peruvian cuisine as one of the finest worldwide. According to many, Lima is one of the most exciting places in South America.

Are you interested in a volunteer project in Peru? Volunteering is a great way to practice your Spanish, get international work experience, and support the local Peruvian community. There are several options available that include social and educational projects.

The tour offer in Lima is varied, and the school helps you to organise your trips. There are museum tours, city tours that cover different neighbourhoods, biking tours, and food tours that include a visit to the amazing Peruvian markets. As the capital of Peru is next to the coast, there are many water activities too: boat trips, surfing and visits to nearby beaches and beach towns. Other options include salsa dance lessons, cooking classes, as well as paragliding. For a day tour out of town, visit the Pachacamac pyramidal temples built by various Pre-Columbian cultures including the Incas. If you’re looking into a weekend get-away, go to the Ballestas Islands and take a boat tour to see the sea lions or travel a bit further to Ica for an amazing sandboard adventure.

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