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At our Spanish language school Ecuador, you will take Spanish classes in Quito right, in the historic center in a colonial house. The Spanish school Quito is a stone’s throw away from bright squares; elegant churches, historic homes and ornate balconies that will make you feel like you are walking back through time. While taking Spanish classes in Quito, you can meet like-minded people from all over the world. You will bond quickly over your love for the Spanish language and share your stories and tips about your exciting journeys through South America and how to successfully learn Spanish in Quito. We offer different programs that are sure to meet all of your Spanish learning needs and goals. Learn Spanish in Quito and, you can partake in: group, private, combined or professional classes.

Why Learn Spanish in Quito:

Quito has won countless international awards (e.g. the World Travel Awards 2018 and was by UNESCO as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 1978.
The residents of Quito are welcoming people who keep their local traditions alive and thriving. The Ecuadorian friendliness is amplified at our Spanish school Quito!
The Spanish school Ecuador allows you to learn Spanish through real-life scenarios with the local people. You will be surprised by how much of the language you learn outside of the classroom in this fun and natural way.
While in Quito, delve into all the fascinating tourist places such as El Panecillo, El Teleférico and La Mitad del Mundo.
The Quito gastronomy lets you enjoy a rich blend of pre-Hispanic flavours that meld perfectly with a variety of gastronomic techniques from across the world
Learn Spanish Ecuador at our school in the heart of Quito, which has over 33 years of experience teaching Spanish to foreigners.
People from Ecuador speak clear Spanish and it is an ideal place to improve your Spanish language skills.
Ecuador is one of the smaller and more compact countries of Latin-America, easy to travel but as varied as other Latin American destinations.

The Spanish classes in Quito have been diligently crafted with the purpose that each student attains their ideal Spanish level and feel confident in any situation where they need to use the language, whether that is in their professional, academic or personal life or during their trip. The Spanish school Ecuador offers Spanish classes in Quito in all forms, including group classes, private, semi-private, combined, online, medical Spanish, Spanish for business and more. The Spanish school Quito also has specialized programs for groups. Do you want to see more of Ecuador while learning Spanish? Continue your Spanish studies in Banos, Montanita, Cuenta, Puerto Lopez and San Cristobal at Galapagos or participate in the Traveling Classroom Ecuador.

In the residential districts of Quito and close to the Spanish school Ecuador, you will find numerous Quiteño families who provide homestay accommodations and typical meals to Spanish students who come to discover the language. Staying with a host family is a wonderful addition to your Spanish program as you have so many more opportunities to put everything you have learned in the classroom into real-life situations. Think of this opportunity as a way to push out of your comfort zone and to live the language you are learning. Living with a host family in Quito will also help you integrate more thoroughly into the culture and allow you to feel that you have a support system if you need assistance. On the other hand, as Quito is a tourist city, there are a plethora of accommodation types for Spanish students, such as hotels, hostels, and apartments, among others.

In addition to the Spanish lessons, the school organises a variety of afternoon activities to immerse the students in the Ecuadorian culture. You can take salsa dance classes and cooking classes and the school organizes a cocktail hour as a welcome activity. There are also tours in and around the historic city centre of Quito. And what about a traditional game night with your Spanish teachers?

Quito is located at 2850 meters above sea level in the Andes mountain range. Massive mountains and volcanoes surround the city. Quito has many popular attractions including the historic center, which is the heartbeat of the city. The center is complete with republican houses, cobblestone streets, balconies full of flowers and imaginative and vibrant squares. Quito welcomes visitors from all over the world and transports them to a different time. Other attractions in Quito are the lookout points where you can see the Andean mountain range in its beautifully imposing enormity. Quito is the capital of art where music, history and those who seek to explore the country of the “four worlds” are concentrated. You won’t find a more unique and exceptional city, especially a Spanish school Ecuador, that will bring you so close to all of these attractions.

The Spanish Language School Ecuador offers volunteer and social aid programs that are oriented towards social assistance, medical care and environmental protection that will unquestionably complement your Spanish language learning experience. The Spanish school Quito seeks to contribute to the education of children, adolescents and adults in the city. With the help of supportive volunteers, our school has been able to reach centers with the greatest needs that are far from the city center.

Near the city of Quito, there are various tourist attractions that can be visited in a day or during the weekend (Otavalo, Papallacta, or Baños). The only thing you have to do is choose which activities sound the most interesting based on your timeframe. All tours in Quito are accessible from the Spanish language school Ecuador. Just two hours from the city you can find lakes, lagoons, mountains, waterfalls, volcanoes, forests, among so many other destinations such as the Cotopaxi National Park. If you like adventure, you are certainly in the right place. Take advantage of your weekends and travels to the fullest by venturing out around the city of Quito to see what you can find. Quito is an ancient city that keeps its traditions and natural landscapes alive.

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