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To learn Spanish in Otavalo, you travel to the northern highlands of Ecuador. This culturally significant region has kept its traditions, festivals and culture alive and thriving through each passing year. Otavalo has narrow streets and artistic locals who express their culture every day through their clothing, gastronomy or works of art. The Spanish school Ecuador has a branch in the beautiful city of Otavalo where you can learn Spanish Ecuador with native teachers in individual, group, semi-private or combined classes.

Why study Spanish in Otavalo

Otavalo has the most significant artisan market in Latin America known as "La Plaza de Ponchos", where you can find crafts, textiles and works of art.
Otavalo is one of the most important destinations in Ecuador due to its ancestral cultural heritage.
Otavalo has extraordinary Andean landscapes with waterfalls and lakes that, according to its inhabitants, are sources of life and energy.
The residents are welcoming people who distribute their time between working in agriculture, caring for animals, making handicrafts and working in tourism.
This Spanish language school Ecuador offers an in-depth experience about the worldview of the Otavalo people, their customs, history, crafts, and gastronomy.
The Spanish school Ecuador is situated in the city center, a few steps from many tourist attractions.

At the Spanish language school Ecuador we have different Spanish classes in Ecuador designed to meet the individualized learning needs of each student. When you learn Spanish Ecuador, you can choose between group, private, semi-private and combined classes which will always be at your Spanish level. Our teachers are experienced professionals who specialize in teaching Spanish classes in Ecuador to foreigners. All of our packages combine verbal and written exercises so that our students can cultivate the comprehensive and communicative skills useful for their life.

Being part of an Otavaleña family and sharing their home and cuisine will help you learn Spanish Ecuador. You will have the opportunity to learn the lifestyle, customs and traditions of Otavaleño families. The host families' accommodation is very close to the Spanish school I Otavalo, approximately 5 to 20 minutes walking in residential neighborhoods surrounded by picturesque and grand landscapes. Otavalo, despite being a small town, also has other types of accommodation such as hotels, hostels and apartments.

In the city of Otavalo, you find many natural and cultural charms a short distance from the city center such as: La Plaza de los Ponchos where the crafts of the inhabitants of the area are displayed and sold; Cascada de Peguche, an ancient place that recharges the positive energy of those who bathe there and museums that teach about the local life and history. A few hours from Otavalo, you can find other natural attractions such as Lagunas de Mojanda or Laguna Cuicocha, two impressive places surrounded by nature, life and energy. Discover Otavalo before, during or after your Spanish classes in Ecuador.

Otavalo is located in the province of Imbabura in the north of Ecuador, two hours from the city of Quito and is one of the main attractions in the country. The town of Otavalo is acknowledged throughout the world for its crafts. The art displays the shapes and colors of the sadness and joy of the people preserving their traditions and customs. Despite the increase of technology and modernity, each family still practices traditional techniques and wears traditional clothing.

In Otavalo, you can join different volunteer programs. There are social help programs for children, youth and adults. There are health care programs where many professionals work after learning medical Spanish, including medical centers or clinics. And last but not least, there are environmental protection and education sites where student volunteers can dedicate their time to contribute to these causes.

Otavalo is a city surrounded by the natural world. With your Spanish language school in Ecuador and in the company of the eager school staff, you will visit the natural attractions that surround this beautiful city. Among the attractions, you will find the Cuicocha Lagoon, located at the height of 3,068 meters above sea level. Here, you can explore the surroundings or take a ride around the mountain in a boat.

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