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This Spanish school is located in the downtown area of Havana, in Vedado, a mere 20-30 minutes from the old town and the international airport. Vedado is close to Malecon/sea and not too long a walk from the old town of Havana. You will find business, restaurants, shops, monuments and nightlife in this area. The Spanish classes are given in local homes, at the houses of the host families or on balconies of the homes of the teachers.

Why Study Spanish in Havana:

Havana is unique: after decades of being shut off from parts of the world, the city still holds an aura of mystery.
The school offers an interactive and dynamic learning approach.
Like no other destination Havana is full of history, culture, art, food and sun
Explore the island of Cuba and combine our destinations Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Trinidad.
Cuba is a must-visit destination for everyone that loves dance and music
Staying with a homestay family will allow you to experience the culture of Cuba, as well as to make local Cuban friends.

Our Spanish programs begin every Monday throughout the year. To be placed in the appropriate Spanish class, students take a placement exam to determine their level. Class sessions are in the morning or afternoon. There are only three students per group class! Are you interested in music or dance lessons? These one-hour classes are five times a week and can be done in groups or individually.
The Spanish teachers, all native speakers, have many years of experience in teaching Spanish. Because they give personal attention, and incorporate their knowledge about Cuban culture, they provide students with the best experience.

In Havana, you can live with Cuban host families. All families have been carefully selected and have an official license to host foreigners. They enjoy receiving Spanish students in their homes and sharing the Cuban culture with you. The spacious homes are within walking distance from the location of classes. There are single or double room options for students travelling together; host families provide two meals per day (breakfast and dinner). All rooms have air-conditioning or a fan.

* You can only book a Spanish course with accommodation included with a Cuban Host family (all recognized as one of the Casas Particulares).

To enjoy Cuba to the fullest, the Spanish school team offers a variety of afternoon activities and weekend trips. The school in Havana offers Dance classes (salsa, mambo, rumba etc.) and music classes (percussion, guitar, trumpet). There is a Havana City Tour and a “Witness Santeria”: a consult with Santeria priests (Santeria is a fusion of Catholicism and an African religion). Another great option are the regular visits to local rum or Tobacco factories, for instance to Patagrás, de oldest cigar factory of Havana. Finally, the students love the day trips to the popular Santa Maria Beach or Playas del Este.

The Cuban capital Havana is a UNESCO World Heritage site filled with beautiful public squares, colonial buildings, cobblestone walking streets, bars and restaurants. It is a beautiful city where different cultures and races mix. Havana is famous for the ´Playas del Este´ and Malecon (Boulevard) that divides Old Havana and Centro. In Vedado, a central business district and urban neighbourhood in the city, you will find art deco buildings, which are considered national monuments of Cuba. There are also many shops, restaurants and interesting old buildings. The highlight is, of course, Revolution Square, with its huge monument to Cuban Revolutionary hero Jose Marti.
Cuba has a very friendly and hospitable population. Dancing, singing, poetry and music all are a big part of this beautiful country. Havana takes you on a journey back to the '50s, with old cars, a relaxed atmosphere and the perfect climate where you can enjoy beaches all year long.

You can combine a Spanish language course in Havana with visits to different Cuban reality and community projects. If you choose a course of minimum two weeks you can oin three afternoon visits so social and cultural projects per week. Example of proyects are an organic farm, a local artist studio, a public hospital, recreational centers, etc. take make the most out of those visits, we recommend an intermediate Spanish level.

Havana is a truly unique city like no other Caribean destination. It’s the mixture of the beautiful colonial buildings and the new developments, the music, the cars and the vintage taxis, the cigar smokes, the weather and the nearby stunning beaches. Don’t miss Central Park, where all the action happens. Here you can book classic car tours and pedicabs. Another highlight is a visit to Ernesto Hemingway’s La Bodeguita o El Floridita, the bars he used to visit. Walk the Malecon, visit the many museums, enjoy modern art and culture, try the amazing local food on the many restaurants
If you want to go out of town, visit the beautiful Caribean beach like Playas del Este! Another interesting option is to visit Valle de Vinales, one of Cuba’s greatest natural attractions with a beautiful lush valley, famed for its picturesque tobacco farms. You can visit the plantations and cruise the Cueva del Indio by boat.

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