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Imagine taking Spanish classes while sitting on a porch or in a yard, in lush and green surroundings with different exotic birds such as hummingbirds and toucans: this is what our small Spanish school in Costa Rica, located in the highlands of Cartago just outside of Turrialba, offers you. Here you will experience the authentic Tico culture while studying Spanish in a green and peaceful environment. The school consists of a hostel for 12 people with four open-air classrooms with views of the jungle below and the Turrialba volcano above. There is also a common room for the students and staff room.

Why Study Spanish in Turrialba:

The small Spanish school has an authentic and laid-back ambience.
Combine your Spanish program with adventure activities.
Costa Rica will amaze you with its diverse nature.
The volunteering options offer a great opportunity to speak your Spanish.
The Spanish program is diverse and aimed at feeling more confident in your communication skills.
Continue your Spanish studies in Puerto Viejo, and travel from there to Bocas in Panama.

This Spanish school in Costa Rica follows the communicative approach during the Spanish classes. The main goal is to make you feel confident and at ease while speaking the Spanish language. There are Spanish group classes (4 or 6 hours daily) or individual lessons. The specialised courses include Medical Spanish, Spanish for Children. The school also offers Spanish & Adventure packages: Spanish & Rafting or Kayaking, Spanish and Horseback riding.

Our homestays in Turrialba have been carefully selected, and most host families have been working with the school for many years! Costarrican families are known for their hospitality, and they like to share in the experience of their traditions, meals, holidays and festivals.
You can also choose to stay in the hostel of the school. This is a relaxed housing option where you will have your own or shared bedroom and share other facilities with fellow students, such as the fully equipped kitchen and the yard with fruit trees.

The school organises different activities. You can enjoy a local cooking workshop, learn how to prepare delicious fruit cocktails, or learn more about the production of cacao and make chocolate. There are also outings to a goat, butterfly or snake farm, as well as more sporty activities, such as canopying and yoga. On Friday nights, students enjoy a nice barbecue and drinks to socialize with staff and classmates. In your free time, you can easily go into town for a visit to the market or enjoy a scenic hike along the river.
A great option for the weekends is to camp at the school’s river campsite on the banks of the famous Pacuare River. This campsite is a wonderful place to relax in your hammock, bath in the river, hike to the waterfall or in the tropical rainforest on the other side of the river.

Turrialba is a very relaxed town with a laid-back attitude and is located about 65 km. from San José. Although it is a small town, you will find all you need there, such as restaurants, bars, coffee shops, swimming pools, banks, and a gym in the town centre. Enjoy the weekly farmers’ market and see the fresh vegetables, fruits and other authentic homemade products. You can also try the famous cheese the region is famous for.

Turrialba is known for outdoor adventure, and it provides a great experience for those looking to enjoy local life, nature and adventure. Don’t miss out on the visit to the Turrialba volcano from where you have great views of the city and the surroundings. There are great river rafting opportunities on the nearby and famous Pacuare river.

The school offers good volunteering options. Volunteering in Costa Rica is a great way to help the local community, practice your Spanish and immerse yourself in the local culture. You can volunteer at educational and cultural projects (you can work at a kindergarten, primary school or public library), on social and health projects (volunteer at a retirement home and in centres for disabled children) and environmental projects, where you can help out in a botanical garden or at a goat farm.

In the area of Turrialba, there are great opportunities to explore the green and lush surroundings with adventure activities. Go mountain biking through the amazing Costa Rica countryside and downhill on the slopes of a volcano; or go horseback riding to enjoy the typical Costa Rican rural scenery, and visit coffee and sugar cane fields and a waterfall. The region of Turrialba and Costa Rica, in general, is famous for white river rafting and kayaking tours, especially on the world famous Pacuare River and the Pejivalle River. If you like fauna, go birdwatching and visit a biological reserve where yu can spot different bird species such as herons, egrets, hummingbirds, and toucans.

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Reviews Turrialba

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