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This Spanish school is located just next to the Carribean coastline of Costa Rica, in the Puerto Viejo. The magic of this small beach town in Costa Rica probably lies in the authentic vibrancy, a bit of a bohemian atmosphere and the beautiful bright blue sea close by. The small school has a laidback ambience and a big garden where students can relax in one of the hammocks while being surrounded by palms, tropical plants and fruit trees. During the Spanish class in Puerto Viejo, which will take place either in one of the tree open-air classrooms or on the porch, you can spot hummingbirds, and during breaks, there is free coffee and tea.

Why Study Spanish in Puerto Viejo:

The school had an authentic and laidback atmosphere, right next to the beach
Combine your Spanish program with fun and active programs.
The Carribean coast of Costa Rica offers spectacular views and an amazing nature
Mix and Match: continue your studies at the other locations in Costa Rica or travel to Bocas or Boquete in Panama.
There are interesting volunteering options in Puerto Viejo
Study Spanish and go surfing on a gorgeous beach of white sand and turquoise blue waters during the afternoon

The Spanish school in Costa Rica believes that a successful approach to learning Spanish is by meaningful and authentic communication. The experienced Spanish teachers are focused on encouraging their students to speak in Spanish. It is important that students enjoy the journey of improving their Spanish skills by practising and speaking a lot.
Besides the standard programs such as Spanish Group Lessons and Intensive Spanish, the school also offers special adventure packages. You can choose between Spanish & Surf, Spanish & Horseback Riding, Spanish & Yoga and Spanish & Hiking.

In Puerto Viejo, you can either live with a local host family or in a hostel. The host families will give you the chance to practice your Spanish and to immerse yourself in the culture of Costa Rica. They are known for their warm welcomes and generosity. In Puerto Viejo, the local people have Caribbean roots and are famous for their family ties and great food.
Another great option is the school’s hostel. This hostel is nice for those who want to meet fellow backpackers from all over the world. You can choose between a shared or private room in the middle of nature. Laundry service, free coffee, and tea, a towel, a fully equipped kitchen, and many more services are all provided.

* The host families in Puerto Viejo only offer breakfast

It is not all about studying when it comes to improving your Spanish. The Spanish school in Puerto Viejo arranges all sorts of enjoyable activities. Because Puerto Viejo is located close to the sea, there are many water activities and adventure sports such as yoga, surfing, swimming, horseback riding, zip line and hiking. The school staff also organises Latin American dance lessons and cooking classes where yo learn about the central American cuisine and try lovely dishes. Every Friday, the staff organizes a BBQ for everyone.

Puerto Viejo has a laid back hippie-ish feel with a Carribean vibe. The beach town is close to the Panamanian border. Mass tourism has not taken over here so you will find abandoned beaches. The local people are among the friendliest people you will ever meet. Puerto Viejo is known for its good nightlife, and there is a great variety of dining options: from fresh local seafood to Sushi, Mexican food, Italian to Argentinian steakhouses. The surf culture is pretty strong. With a lush rain forest, stunning beaches and tons of wildlife, Puerto Viejo is one of the best places to go for relaxation, nature and a hint of adventure.

Volunteering in Costa Rica is a unique and amazing experience. It is the perfect way to help the local community while immersing yourself in the local culture. And of course, you can practice your Spanish throughout the experience. In the educational field, you can work at a daycare, an outreach program for indigenous people, or an after-school program. If you would like to work in an environmental program, choose between an eco-project in Cahuita or a wild animal rescue centre, that takes care of the rehabilitation and reintroduction of these wild animals into nature.

Puerto Viejo offers a plethora of fun things to do nearby. Besides the water activities (surfing, snorkelling and kayaking), there are beautiful horseback riding trips, zip lines and hikes. A popular tour in Puerto Viejo is the Chocolate tour: walk through a cacao farm to see how they sustainably grow, process and make chocolate. Another great option is an overnight trip to Tortuguero National Park to see wildlife, turtles and canals. If you’re interested in culture, visit the BriBri, the largest indigenous group in Costa Rica to get a peek into the life of the indigenous people of Costa Rica. Finally, we recommend to visit the Jaguar Rescue Center for an up-close experience of the local wildlife.

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