Spanish School in Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica


Study Spanish in the center of the dynamic beach town Playa Tamarindo in Costa Rica, right along the beach. The school is close to several restaurants and shops.
There are eight classrooms, a staff office, a large indoor meeting area, a spacious outside area and balcony, and a surf bodega. The school has a good Wi-Fi connection and offers coffee and snacks during the breaks. The top floor is used as a student residence, with dorm style rooms.

Why Study Spanish in Playa Tamarindo:

Playa Tamarindo has beautiful, untouched beaches.
The school facilities are nice and charming.
Experience unique plant and animal life in Costa Rica with, crocodiles, turtles, and monkeys
A unique location to combine Spanish and Surf!
Costa Rica is ideal for nature lovers: one-third of the land is protected by the government and most of the country consists of National Parks.
Combine with other Spanish Schools in Costa Rica: study Spanish in Turrialba, in Santa Heredia or Puerto Viejo.

Start your Spanish course in Playa Tamarindo on any Monday throughout the year. The duration of a class is 55 minutes, and each class has a maximum of 6 students.
The methodology utilised for teaching Spanish is the communicative approach. This teaching style encourages student interaction. On day one, you’ll do a placement test to determine your Spanish level and place you with students of the same level.
The most popular Spanish courses are the Spanish Group Course (20 lessons per week), the Intensive Spanish program (32 lessons per week) or Spanish and Surf (includes 20 hrs of Spanish, 6 hrs of surf, board rental, use of rash guards, video analysis sessions.

You can choose to live with a local host family or stay in the rooftop student residence of the school.
The Costa Rican families are very friendly and hospitable, carefully screened to ensure a top-notch experience. Most live in Santa Rosa and Villa Real, approximately 5-8 km away from the school. The transportation between the different towns makes travelling from the school to the homestay families easy. If you like to be near the beach and the school, you can stay in the student residence. You will share a bathroom and common areas (the kitchen, the patio, the living) with other students.

The school in Playa Tamarindo offers several activities. Examples are cooking classes in the Costa Rican cuisine; Latin dance classes in the most common dance styles such as salsa, meringue and cumbia; interesting lectures in history, politics, culture and ecology; and of course, visits to different local beaches. The school also organizes a local language exchange program. Besides brushing up on your Spanish, it is a great way to meet some Ticos!

Costa Rica is a great destination for adventure travellers and nature lovers. Playa Tamarindo has one of Costa Rica’s most astonishing beaches. The crystal clear beaches and the white sand attract surfers, nature lovers, sun seekers and giant turtles! It offers sports of all kinds: surfing, snorkelling, diving, fishing, kayaking, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking and canopy. The town – located on the West coast of Costa Rica- also has art galleries, cafes and restaurants. The nightlife includes many bars, ‘discotecas’, live concerts and a casino. Playa Tamarindo is a unique and beautiful location to learn Spanish in Costa Rica!

The school does offer some volunteer programs in Costa Rica, but these depend on the availability and time of the year. Please contact us for more information.

Most people will love this area of Costa Rica. The region is great for surfing, but there is much more! There are many Natural Parks to visit here to explore the amazing scenery. One of the most popular tours is a canopy tour: high up in the rainforest, you will get the opportunity to see the unique ecosystem found high up in the trees.
Another beautiful day trip is to the Arenal Volcano: if you have never seen an active volcano, take advantage of your time in Costa Rica and do it now. Arenal is considered to be one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Finally, the cruise to the island of Tortuga is another popular tour in Costa Rica.

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