Spanish School Sucre, Bolivia

Spanish School in Sucre

Study Spanish in the heart of South America and be amazed by the fascinating city of Sucre. This Spanish School in Sucre is located in the city center, close to the beautiful main square called Plaza 25 de Mayo. Learn Spanish in Bolivia gives you the opportunity to discover the colonial city of Sucre while improving your Spanish.

In addition to your Spanish lessons Sucre, a variety of weekly activities are offered, such as dance classes. If you are looking for a Spanish school in a city filled with young people, then Sucre is the perfect place! Many young people come to this city to study and experience the buzzing nightlife of Sucre.

The school is located in a beautiful building in the colonial centre of Sucre. The school has 16 well-equipped classrooms, nice balconies, a video room, a library, a sunny terrace/patio and a kitchen with free snacks. Come to Sucre and enjoy the Bolivian culture, the nice weather and the beautiful surroundings while improving your Spanish!

Why Study Spanish in Sucre

The Spanish school in Sucre offers a very personalized and flexible Spanish program, which will help you to improve your Spanish fast.
The Spanish teachers have extensive experience and are experts in making their classes both interesting and fun.
Sucre is not only very beautiful, but it is also Bolivia’s safest city.
Being a University town, Sucre has a vibrant nightlife, perfect for meeting many Bolivians your age.
The Spanish school in Sucre has a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The teaching method at this Spanish school in Sucre focuses on improving conversation skills. Spanish lessons Sucre are taught in a fun and attractive way, as classes will not only be held in the classrooms, but outside of the school as well. Teachers also take their classes on outings in the city, such as to parks, town squares and cafes, where students will be able to practice their Spanish in real life situations.

In addition to this focus on conversation, Spanish lessons Sucre also include grammar, listening, writing and reading materials. Because of the small class size (5 students maximum), students receive a high level of personal attention during their Spanish courses in Bolivia. Private Spanish lessons in Sucre are also offered, which are perfect for students who are looking for more personal Spanish courses in Bolivia. Besides these Spanish classes, the Spanish school in Sucre also offers Business Spanish, Medical Spanish, Quechua (a native language) and more! All teachers at the school are highly qualified and have extensive experience teaching Spanish.

Living with a Bolivian host family in Sucre gives you the opportunity to experience the local culture. You will also be able to learn Spanish in Bolivia with natives and improve your language skills. Host families are selected very carefully to ensure that students have the best possible experience and learn Spanish Sucre to the best of their abilities! Accommodation in a host family includes a private room and a shared bathroom with the family. Families are located at a maximum of 15 minutes walking distance from the Spanish school Sucre.

For those looking for a more independent living situation, the Spanish school Sucre has contacts throughout Sucre with various flat owners who rent out apartments. All apartments in Sucre have fully equipped kitchens.

Another housing option is to stay in a single or double room in one of Sucre´s hostels. The Spanish school Sucre is happy to help students out with any reservation. Most hostels are located close to the school, just a few minutes away on foot.

Every week, the Spanish school Sucre organizes at least two free activities in Sucre. Examples of these activities are as follows:

  • Salsa and Merengue dance lessons
  • Tours around Sucre and other nearby towns (Tarabuco, Yotala, 7 waterfalls)
  • Parties and Barbecues

For a small cost, the school also offers sports activities and cooking lessons in Sucre. If you bring your student card, you will get discounts at various restaurants and theaters, and you will also get free cinema tickets.

Sucre is the official capital of Bolivia and is considered by many as the “Jewel of South America”. The city is built in a colonial style and has many historical buildings, beautiful parks, impressive museums and delicious restaurants. Sucre has a warm climate all year, with the rainy season lasting from November until March. Bolivia is a beautiful country with a lot to offer. Many people call Bolivia the heart of South America, as it is located in the center of the continent. Besides beautiful Sucre, Bolivia has many beautiful cities to visit during your stay. La Paz, Trinidad, Potosi and Santa Cruz de la Sierra will surely take your breath away. For the daredevils out there, mountain biking on Death Road near La Paz will certainly give you a rush. The most famous place to visit in Bolivia is Salar de Uyuni, as this is the world´s largest salt flat.

If you would like to volunteer in Sucre, you have plenty of opportunities. The Spanish school Sucre partners with a variety of volunteer projects in Bolivia that are always happy to receive volunteers. It is possible to volunteer in the following areas:

  • Teaching
  • Nursing
  • Child daycare
  • Caring for the elderly and disabled
  • Agriculture

An intermediate level of Spanish is recommended for volunteering in Sucre.

There are many opportunities for exciting excursions when you learn Spanish in Bolivia. Around the city of Sucre there are tours such as climbing, horseback riding and hiking. The Spanish school Sucre is always happy to help students arrange fun excursions in Bolivia. You can also travel to La Paz for a weekend, or do a tour to the impressive Uyuni salt flats.

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Reviews Sucre

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