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Buenos Aires is an exciting place to learn Spanish. This school is situated in the popular neighbourhood of Palermo, close to many interesting places. Besides the Spanish classes, there is a great program of extra-curricular and free activities. Learn about the Argentinean culture and participate in cooking classes, tango dance lessons and learn how to drink ‘mate’. The school is located in an elegant mansion, with high ceilings, a common room, classrooms with natural light and a small garden at the back.

If you want to see more of Argentina’s beauty, book one of the many exciting weekend trips that the school offers, either within the city or a bit further, to Colonia, to Tigre, or the waterfalls of Iguazu. It is also possible to study Spanish in the countryside, in Pampas, on a colonial ranch surrounded by horses and cattle. Enjoy typical Argentinean dishes and horseback riding after Spanish classes.

Why Study Spanish in Buenos Aires:

Amazing City

Buenos Aires is a great place to learn Spanish in Argentina; it is an amazing city where you will never be bored!

Stunning location in Palermo

The school has a good location in Palermo, close to interesting places, like the Bosques de Palermo, the Botanical Gardens, and the Cemetery of Recoleta.

Argentine homestay

The school offers the option to stay with an Argentinean host family.

Great community

The students and staff form a closed community and to many things together

Interactive methods

The school uses interactive, communicative and personal teaching methods that will help you to improve your knowledge of the Spanish language quickly.

Fun activities

The extra-curricular program is fun and takes you all over the city of Buenos Aires!

In Buenos Aires, you have Spanish classes in small groups of a maximum of eight students. Before arrival, you will do a placement test to determine your Spanish language level. The teaching methods of the Spanish school in Buenos Aires are interactive and innovative. The Spanish classes take place during the mornings, leaving the afternoon free for free activities. The school also offers special courses, for example, Medical Spanish, Spanish for kids and Spanish for families. Together with your fellow students you will learn and share experiences with the friendly staff at this school. Thanks to a whatsapp group, you will be informed about special events going on in the city.

In Buenos Aires, we offer several types of accommodation, and these options can be combined. The school offers an off-campus accommodation where you stay with other students. All the student apartments in Buenos Aires are situated within a maximum of 30 minutes from the school, in the areas of Palermo, Belgrano, Villa Crespo, and Recoleta. There are both shared and private rooms. If you prefer to get to know the Argentinean culture on a more personal level, stay with an Argentinean host family. You will live with the locals and practice and improve your Spanish. Argentinean host families live between 20 and 40 minutes from the school. They offer two meals per day during the week (breakfast and dinner) and breakfast only on the weekends. Remember Argentine’s have a late dinner, around 22.00!

This school has a nice and entertaining activity program that will show you many interesting sites in Buenos Aires. You will learn about Argentinean culture and practice your Spanish skills. Together with one of the Spanish teachers, you will go to the famous Recoleta Cemetry and explore the elegant neighbourhood, go to one of the many museums in Buenos Aires, such as the MALBA, or Evita Peron Museum, to the Bosques de Palermo and the Botanical Gardens, or colourful La Boca. But there are also Argentine cooking classes, tango classes, and a workshop mate drinking.

Buenos Aires is one of the most exciting cities in Latin America. The Argentine capital – also called the city that never sleeps, has a special ‘ vibe’ and offers endless opportunities. Here you will see many wide, tree-lined avenues with beautiful, elegant houses. Now you will understand why Buenos Aires is known the ‘Paris of South America’. Buenos Aires had many parks, museums, restaurants, shops and many other interesting places to visit. Buenos Aires offers a great nightlife too. Argentina is the second largest country in South America. Here you will find a large mix of cultures, since so many people have emigrated from Europe, far eastern countries and other South American countries. This has resulted in an interesting combination of food, music and many other things. The climate in Argentina is very diverse: subtropical in the north and subpolar in the south.

The school offers the possibility of volunteering at different locations spread throughout the city of Buenos Aires. Participating in the volunteer program in Buenos Aires gives you a closer look at the Argentinean culture by getting to know the local people and their way of thinking.

There are projects in the fields of social work, education, ecology, tourism, and cultural work. Participating in a volunteer program in Buenos Aires is also a great way to improve your Spanish skills. Furthermore, if you are a university student or a professional who wants to do an internship in Buenos Aires, ask us for more information about internships in Buenos Aires.

Make sure to contact us before arrival, as the school needs time to organise a volunteer or internship placement.

Nice day tours from Buenos Aires include a visit to the village of Tigre and the Parana Delta, or a typical Argentina range, a so-called Estancia Tour with a traditional Argentina ‘ asado’ or BBQ included! Or you cross the border, by ferry, and visit the charming town of Colonia in Uruguay.

Within the city, visit the many museums, the Pink House, the Obelisk, the different neighbourhoods, the famous Caminito in La Boca. If you’re looking into weekend tours, visit the vineyards of Mendoza, or the impressive Iguazu Waterfalls up in the north of Argentina.

The markets in Buenos Aires are also a nice option for Sunday afternoons, for instance, the Feria de San Telmo. Here you can buy hand-made jewellery, wool crafts, traditional clothes and homemade products, always accompanied by the locals and live music.

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