What to do in Valparaíso while learning Spanish!

20 Jul
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What to do in Valparaíso while learning Spanish

Tuesday July 20, 2021 - Posted by admin

What to do in Valparaíso while learning Spanish in Chile | The colourful and shimmering city on the pacific coast of Chile is a must-visit if you are travelling through South America or searching for a destination to learn Spanish in Latin America! Valparaíso is known for being the city of colours, a hippie haven and the perfect place for fresh fish. The streets of Valparaíso are filled with professional graffiti art that will blow your mind. Located 111 km away from Chile’s capital, Santiago, you don´t want to miss this inspiring and relaxing place! Read long to see what to do in Valparaíso while learning Spanish in Chile!

About Valparaíso

The mayor city of Valparaíso is the largest sea town inf Chile. It has a significant influence on the country´s history. This town is perfect for escaping the busy city life of Santiago for the weekend, during your Spanish classes in Santiago. It is situated right on the Pacific coast and offers many great beaches to enjoy the outdoors, not to mention the many street artists and vendors that will keep you entertained!

What to do in Valparaíso while learning Spanish in Chile

1. Walk though Cerro Alegre and Concepcion

The two neighbourhoods Cerro Alegre and Concepción are, without a doubt, the most interesting and beautiful areas of Valparaíso. They are the centre of colour; here, you will encounter the most creative graffiti works on the walls. This is also the place to be to experience a happening nightlife.

Street Art Valparaiso Chile


2. Visit the famous fish market

Close to the main bus terminal in Valparaíso, there is a huge building filled with fruit, vegetables and many fish vendors. The building has two floors; the first floor serves as the real market, where locals buy their weekly stash of products for affordable prices. The second floor serves as a gathering for cheap restaurants and food stands where you can eat the most amazing fresh fish for a reasonable price. Here, you have the opportunity to eat among the locals, save up money and enjoy a healthy meal all at the same time!

3. Visit the nearby beach towns.

On both sides of Valparaíso, there are are great towns for spending a day at the beach. Valparaíso itself does not a beach where you can relax because it mainly functions as a harbour. It´s better to go to nearby beach towns like Viña del Mar (the closest), Reñaca or Concón. Remember that the temperature of the seawater is cold because of the Antarctic currents!

Valparaiso Study Spanish Latin America


4. Go sandboarding

One of the popular activities for our students learning Spanish in Chile at our Spanish school in Santiago: sandboarding! Don’t miss out on an adrenaline rush by going sandboarding on the enormous dunes right on the Chilean coast. For 3000-4000 Chilean pesos, you can show off your skills in the hot sand, and you don’t even have to worry about falling because it´s soft!

Sandboarding in Chile


5. Go on a boat trip on the coast

Just next to the harbour of Valparaíso, many people are offering 30-minute boat trips through the harbour and coastline of Valparaíso for just 3000-4000 Chilean pesos. They offer departure times all day long but keep in mind that you might have to wait for a bit because the boat only leaves when it´s full. Along the way, you will find the most interesting creatures just chilling on the buoys: sea lions!

Boat Trip Valparaiso Chile

Tips for eating and drinking in Chile:

  • Eat the BEST Chilean empanadas on the coast at Las Deliciosas, in the beach town Concón. You can even order them filled with fish!
  • Drink a Terremoto, the signature drink of Chile. However, be careful: this cocktail is very strong and is not meant to be taken lightly!
  • Eat Chorillana: a large plate of chips with meat, eggs and onions! Attention: do not order one for yourself; split one plate between two, as it´s big!!
  • Drink WINE: Chilean wine is some of the best in the world.


Chilean Food Valparaiso

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Spanish in Chile

Chile is a great destination to learn Spanish and visit breathtaking places and explore the Chilean culture. Without a doubt, you will fall in love with the country while having Spanish lessons in Chile

Chilean Spanish

With roughly 540 million Spanish speakers worldwide spread over more than 20 countries, there are many different Spanish accents. The Chileans also speak a v specific dialect of Spanish: fast-paced – the words are slurred together – with a lot of Chilean slang. On top of that, they seem to ‘cut off the “s” at the end of the words.

Another unique feature of Chilean Spanish is their use of the word ‘po’. ‘po’ comes from ‘pues’, the equivalent to the English word ‘well’. The Chileans use ‘Po’ to add emphasis to a phrase. It can be used at the end of a Spanish sentence or in the middle, depending on the situation.

Interested in learning Spanish in Chile?


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