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Reasons to Study Spanish in Uruguay!

02 Nov
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Reasons to Study Spanish in Uruguay!
Saturday November 02, 2019 - Posted by admin

When people make plans to travel to Latin America, Uruguay has long been overlooked. But not anymore! Uruguay is gaining more and more attention from the media and many restless, non-cliché travellers lately. More and more people looking for Spanish immersion programs in Latin America opt for this small but beautiful country in the south! Check out what secrets Argentina´s little sister holds for you!

What to do in Uruguay

With over half of the Uruguayan population residing in the capital, Montevideo is a city you cannot miss while in Uruguay. Montevideo will also be the place where you will be learning Spanish if you sign up for a Spanish course with us.

Here are some important and fun places in Uruguay to see while taking Spanish lessons in Montevideo. Some are weekend or day trips; others will only take a few hours. The team at the Spanish school in Uruguay will provide you with all the information you need and help you to plan your tours and activities in Uruguay.