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Reasons to Study Spanish in Cuba

09 Oct
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Reasons to Study Spanish in Cuba
Wednesday October 09, 2019 - Posted by admin

Cuba: here life truly comes alive. Turbulent history, old fashioned cars, lively music are all aspects that make Cuba, Cuba. There are endless places to see and things to do in Cuba and you cannot go wrong by packing your bags and heading to Cuba.  Looking for a great place to learn Spanish? Here are Reasons to  Study Spanish in Cuba!

The best places to see in Cuba

Havana, oh na, na! Founded in 1515, the Cuban capital Havana is originally named San Cristóbal de la Habana. Havana is a place that tourists cannot miss – and it’s a great destination for a Spanish School too. The city has a lot of complex history, vibrant colors, and lively dancing. It is characterized by old fashioned cars and lively, friendly people. (more…)