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What to do in Valparaíso while learning Spanish!

20 Jul
What to do in Valparaíso while learning Spanish
Tuesday July 20, 2021 - Posted by admin

What to do in Valparaíso while learning Spanish in Chile | The colourful and shimmering city on the pacific coast of Chile is a must-visit if you are travelling through South America or searching for a destination to learn Spanish in Latin America! Valparaíso is known for being the city of colours, a hippie haven and the perfect place for fresh fish. The streets of Valparaíso are filled with professional graffiti art that will blow your mind. Located 111 km away from Chile’s capital, Santiago, you don´t want to miss this inspiring and relaxing place! Read long to see what to do in Valparaíso while learning Spanish in Chile!

About Valparaíso

The mayor city of Valparaíso is the largest sea town inf Chile. It has a significant influence on the country´s history. This town is perfect for escaping the busy city life of Santiago for the weekend, during your Spanish classes in Santiago. It is situated right on the Pacific coast and offers many great beaches to enjoy the outdoors, not to mention the many street artists and vendors that will keep you entertained! (more…)

Most Important Festivals in Latin America

03 Mar
Most Important Festivals in Latin America
Tuesday March 03, 2020 - Posted by SSLA Team

Latin America offers the most colorful, lavish, unique and artistic festivals in the entire world. Take a look at our top choices below for festivals in Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Panama – all great destinations for a Spanish immersion course.

Spanish immersion programs allow you to get a better sense of the cultural context and learn tips, tricks and conversational skills in Spanish to help you navigate and get by. There are hundreds of Spanish courses to choose from within Latin America. Take a look at some of the Spanish courses and Spanish immersion programs. Study Spanish while you celebrate with the locals and check out this overview of the Most Important Festivals in Latin America. (more…)