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Wat te doen in Buenos Aires tijdens een taalcursus Spaans

August 02, 2022

Buenos Aires – de prachtige hoofdstad van Argentinië – is een zeer interessante en intrigerende stad. Heb je Buenos Aires gekozen als bestemming voor een cursus Spaans in Argentinië? U zult er geen spijt van krijgen! Je zult hier niet alleen heel veel Spaans leren, inclusief detypische Argentijnse straattaal – je zult je nooit vervelen, […]

What to do in Buenos Aires while learning Spanish

May 13, 2021

Buenos Aires – the beautiful capital of Argentina – is a very interesting and intriguing city. Did you pick Buenos Aires as a destination for a Spanish course in Argentina? You won’t regret it! Not only will you learn loads of Spanish here, with fun Argentine slang included – you will never be bored, not […]

Argentine cuisine: 5 highlights

December 11, 2020

Argentine cuisine: 5 highlights. Argentine cuisine is generous, savory and combines a mixture of various European influences. If you have been to Argentina, you know what we are talking about. Are you planning a (study) trip to Argentina (to learn Spanish?) The following dishes are to consume without moderation! You will enjoy them without a […]

Coronavirus in Latin America: What You Need to Know

September 08, 2020

Coronavirus in Latin America: What You Need to Know — What the current situation in Latin America regarding the  Corona pandemic? What will travel in Latin America will be like in the (near) future? What is going on with the Spanish Schools in Latin America, are they open again? Can you already make new plans […]

Most Important Festivals in Latin America

March 03, 2020

Latin America offers the most colorful, lavish, unique and artistic festivals in the entire world. Take a look at our top choices below for festivals in Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Panama – all great destinations for a Spanish immersion course. Spanish immersion programs allow you to get a better sense of the […]