Reasons to Study Spanish in Uruguay!

02 Nov
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Reasons to Study Spanish in Uruguay!

Saturday November 02, 2019 - Posted by admin

When people make plans to travel to Latin America, Uruguay has long been overlooked. But not anymore! Uruguay is gaining more and more attention from the media and many restless, non-cliché travellers lately. More and more people looking for Spanish immersion programs in Latin America opt for this small but beautiful country in the south! Check out what secrets Argentina´s little sister holds for you!

What to do in Uruguay

With over half of the Uruguayan population residing in the capital, Montevideo is a city you cannot miss while in Uruguay. Montevideo will also be the place where you will be learning Spanish if you sign up for a Spanish course with us.

Here are some important and fun places in Uruguay to see while taking Spanish lessons in Montevideo. Some are weekend or day trips; others will only take a few hours. The team at the Spanish school in Uruguay will provide you with all the information you need and help you to plan your tours and activities in Uruguay.

Visit Montevideo Uruguay

  • Punta Del Este

Punta Del Este is becoming a hotter spot for tourists. It holds many beautiful views and is surrounded by many condominiums, casinos, and tall buildings. It is close to several beaches as well, giving it a Miami-style vibe. While in Punta Del Este, many young people flock to La Brava, especially surfers, for its tall, rugged waves. In La Brava you will find modest cafes, hued shops, and wonderful restaurants to explore. Stroll down the dock and enjoy watching the boats come in. Gentle, calmer waters reside in La Brava Beach. This beach is also known for its beautiful sunsets.

Punta Del Este is also where tourists can find “La Mano”, a sculpture that on the Atlantic coast in Brava Beach. It is five fingers emerging from the sand, representing humans integrating into nature and enjoying it. Mario Irazzábal sculpted the hands in 1982 when he participated in a sculpting competition (the First International Outdoors Modern Sculpture Meeting at Punta Del Este). The hand is now iconic for Uruguay.

La Mano Montevideo Uruguay

The Spanish School in Montevideo has a campus School in Punta del Este nearby the beach! Contact us if you are interested in learning Spanish at this unique location!

  • Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales

Located in Parque Rodó – nearby the Spanish School – is the Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales. It is the top choice to see museums in Montevideo. There, you will find the largest collection of art.

  • Hot Springs Salto

Outside of Montevideo, you can enjoy hot springs in Salto, the second-largest city in Uruguay. There they have one of the largest water reservoirs in the world. The hot springs reach temperatures up to 46 Celcius (114.8 Fahrenheit). You can visit the springs at the Arapey Thermal Resort & Spa. This resort also includes other services such as a full-service spa, free kids club, restaurants and bars.

Canelones Beach Spanish in Uruguay

  • Casa del Pueblo

Carlos Páez Vilaró constructed Casa Del Pueblo, a 13 story house that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. It was built in succo and whitewashed cement. It is located in Punta Ballena. The house has four-star accommodation with rooms that can hold up to four to eight people. Suites or apartments are available. The hotel also is complete with a spa, bar, restaurant, sauna, and a hot pool. Inside, it also houses a museum. There is a room dedicated to Vilaró’s son, Carlos Miguel, one of the only survivors of the Uruguayans Airforce flight 571 plane crash.

  • Colonia Del Sacramento

Colonia is easily one of the best areas to enjoy a stroll. The cobblestone streets and views of the ocean are refreshing, as well as the many art studios. Colonia Del Sacramento was the first settlement in what is now Uruguay. Although it was a Spanish area, Prince Don Pedro of Portugal wanted to found Colonia Del Sacramento to take advantage of trade opportunities with Argentina.

Once you enter through the main gate, the gate of the citadel, which has existed since 1745, you can see the trademark of Colonia Del Sacramento, Calle de los Suspiros. Make sure to take lots of photos down this street! The bus will take you to Colonia in about two hours.

Spanish School Montevideo: great location!

The Spanish school in Montevideo has a great location in Parque Rodo, near many shops, bus services, ATMs, restaurants, supermarkets, and beach promenade – all within walking distance. You can take Spanish and tango, Spanish and DELE preparation, Spanish for Spanish teachers and of course also standard intensive Spanish classes in small groups or individual lessons.

Visit Montevideo Uruguay

What to pack for Uruguay

It’s important to pack layers. The days will be warm, and travellers will be comfortable in shorts and t-shirts. However, in the night hours temperatures drop, and it is wise to pack sweaters and at least one pair of pants.

What you are planning to do will also affect how you pack for Uruguay. Uruguay has several available activities such as hiking, surfing, swimming, horseback riding, dance classes, and nightclubbing. Swimsuits, jeans, active clothes and going out clothes are all smart choices if you choose to partake in any of these activities.

Shoes are an important item to consider when you are packing for Uruguay. You will need sturdy hiking shoes for the trails. You will also need walking shoes for exploring the towns. You should bring some nice shoes to go out, and finally a pair of flip flops for the beach and the showers.

Tips for being safe in Uruguay

Uruguay is said to be the safest country in Latin America, according to “travel safe abroad”. Taxis and public transportation are reliable and secure. There is no need to negotiate with taxi drivers because they use taximeters. Mugging and pickpocketing rates are low. Acts of terrorism have not happened in recent history, either.

Uruguay is the safest country in Latin America and therefore, an excellent Latin American country for a Spanish immersion course. Uruguay has beautiful beaches, attractive shops, restaurants, and alluring monuments and no doubt y will have a great time studying Spanish in Uruguay! Put in on your bucket list now!

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