Learn Spanish Online for unbeatable prices

13 Aug
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Learn Spanish Online for unbeatable prices

Thursday August 13, 2020 - Posted by SSLA Team

Learn Spanish Online!

Due to the Corona Pandemic, travelling to Latin America to learn Spanish abroad in Latin America or Spain is not an option now. Therefore, everyone is looking for alternative plans. Many of us made alternative travel plans and spent more time within the borders of our national territory, we pick-up old hobbies or started new ones, we spent more time with friends and families and dedicate time to other activities. But what happened to our plans to learn Spanish?

Fortunately, there is an excellent alternative for Spanish immersion programs abroad: Learn Spanish Online with online Spanish lessons! Experienced Spanish teachers will take the cultural immersion experience to your home! Choose between private lessons or small groups and interact directly with native-speaking Spanish teachers and classmates from all over the world! And the prices are.. unbeatable!

Learn Spanish Online: are Online Spanish lessons for you?

Online Spanish lessons take place in the comfort of your own home, at the time that is most convenient for you. Online Spanish lessons are for everyone interested in learning Spanish in a fun, affordable way. The direct interaction will give your Spanish skills a boast that no video lessons or language learning platforms (Rocketlanguages, or Duolinguo (“learn Spanish in five minutes per day”) can ever give you!

Learn Spanish Online: are Online Spanish lessons for you?

During the Coronapandemic our Online Spanish Program has grown enormously, and you know what the best part is? Now that many more people have resumed their normal activities and started to travel again to Latin America (and elsewhere), the Online Spanish Classes haven’t stopped growing. Even while travelling, from the beach, the mountains or a trendy hostel in the city, our students continue to learn Spanish Online. You can combine an immersion program in a specific destination where you follow real-live, with online lessons while you continue to travel (or once back home).

So, if you’ve always wanted to learn a new language or boast your Spanish skills, why not start right away? Spanish Online Lessons are a great option for everyone and can be part of your plans to explore new activities and trips!

Payable by Paypal, Western Union or bank wire.

Make it happen!

Yes! Online Spanish lessons are for everyone, for all ages, from young to old and all nationalities.

  • Are you studying Spanish at school or college? Benefit from individual online Spanish lessons to be on top of your class!
  • Do you need Spanish for your work? We customize your Spanish lessons online we include professional topics, commercial Spanish and Spanish for business.
  • Are you 55, 65+ or 75+, or retired from work? Keep your mind active and sharp, and enjoy learning something new or taking your conversation skills in Spanish to a higher level.
  • Do you want to do something fun? Take Spanish lessons Online with your family or with a group of friends! Learning a new language together is a fantastic way to bond and share a fun, educational experience. There are special programs that include cultural elements like a workshop Latin American Cuisine, and more.
  • Will you travel to Spain or Latin America later this year? Learn the basics of the Spanish language now to prepare for your future travels. Don’t let Corona take away your dreams and be better prepared for your future trip than anyone by speaking Spanish!

Learn Spanish Online: more benefits

Learn Spanish Online: more benefits

Learning Spanish can be a bit of work, but the efforts pay off when you learn to speak Spanish quickly. For many people, Spanish offers the most rewards with the least amount of effort required to learn, as compared to other foreign languages. Online Spanish lessons have many additional benefits.

  • Delve into a new culture right without travelling, from the comfort of your own home with a native Spanish teacher online.
  • Online Spanish lessons are flexible (especially individual lessons). There are different lesson plans to choose from, from 1 hour per week, up to intensive lessons (four hours a day)! Online Spanish lessons are perfect for any schedule. We use (mainly) Zoom (or Skype).
  • Online Spanish lessons are well-organized and just as good as face-to-face classes. Many people are now familiar with platforms like Zoom. You will see and hear the teacher loud and clear, and you will work with an online interative lesson method; the teacher will send you Spanish vocabulary, worksheets and homework assignments and share their screen with you.
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