6 Unique Getaways in Latin America!

05 Aug
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Unique Getaways in Latin America

Friday August 05, 2022 - Posted by admin

The New York Times published an incredible article about the 52 best getaways to explore world-wide. Among these destinations, 6 of them are from countries in Latin America! Latin America, an astonishing region of the world that is known for its untouched wilderness, breath-taking landscapes and beautiful people. No wonder that thousands and thousands of travelers flock to visit these amazing countries every year to travel, and to learn Spanish!. The cost of living is cheap and this allows you to enjoy your travels more and even extend them without paying a steep price. The people of this region of the world are known for being the perfect hosts, always approaching you with a friendly face and a warm welcome. The way of life in Latin America is an example that everyone should follow: open arms, a peaceful mind, a laid-back mentality and always in a happy mood. This makes the nightlife, parties and festivities some of the most fun on the planet! Have a national beer and a plate of traditional food and read these 6 perfect getaways in LatinAmerica, according to the New York Times!

The diversity found while travelling in Latin America throughout the different nations is truly incredible. You can travel to many different ancient sites that have seemingly magically been preserved, follow the route through the Andes Mountains, the longest continental mountain range in the world and hike to the world’s highest and most gorgeous summits and volcanos. Please check the 6 best getaways you can visit while learning Spanish in Latin America.

Learning Spanish in Mexico

1. Atacama Desert, Chile

The Atacama Desert in Chile will give you the ultimate experience in adventure tourism. The highest desert in the world provides you with rough landscapes, volcanos and bright lakes in colors of blue, red, pink and grey. Travel by jeep and see the surroundings change from rocky hills to fields of green in a mere few hours. According to Arabella Bowen of The New York Times “the Atacama draws adventure seekers and stargazers to its vast, otherworldly landscape of wind-carved dunes and kaleidoscopic salt lakes”.

San Pedro de Atacama

In the little town of San Pedro de Atacama, at the foot of the famous Licancabur Volcano, you can book great tours that operate and leave the village daily, heading into the Atacama desert just a few kilometers away. Make sure you stay for at least one or two days in San Pedro to get acclimatized to the altitude because in the desert, you are going to visit peaks that are around 5000 meters high. If you have time, you can even combine your trip with a visit to Salar de Uyuni, one of the biggest salt flats in the world. This gorgeous trip in the middle of nowhere is must see for anyone, so what are you waiting for?

San Pedro de Atacama

You can travel to this region after your Spanish lessons in Santiago de Chile.

2. Tijuana, Mexico

A true hidden gem, not yet discovered by the general public. This cute little town on the border of San Diego is known for its delicious Mexican food and colourful streets that give the place a happy, hippie vibe. It is a fast growing city, which gives it its vibrant and dynamic culture. Everywhere you can find local artists, old markets, historical buildings and a characteristic architecture. As said by Chaney Kwak of The New York Times, “Tijuana is also having a culinary renaissance, fuelled by craft breweries, stylish coffee shops and globally informed restaurants that range from Telefónica Gastro Park’s hipster food trucks to bustling Baja Med spots like La Querencía in the riverside Zona Río neighboorhood”. Don’t miss out on this fast-growing and trendy gem in colorful Mexico while learning Spanish in Mexico.

Tijuana, Mexico

3. Pedregal, Ecuador

One of the many beautiful regions where travelers go after they visited the Galapagos Islands. Tim Nevalle of the New York Times describes Pedregal as “The valley south of Quito is surrounded by huge volcanoes and grassy steppes where haciendas serve as bases for travellers to go hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding”. The untouched nature and natural landscapes you see for miles all around you make Pedregal a beauty that needs to be discovered.

Ecuador is a great destination for those who want to escape the mass tourism sights. This is because many travelers skip this country or rush through it in order to reach Colombia or Peru. But not many people know that Ecuador is also breath-taking and beautiful.

Mountain biking and horseback riding

Read more about Spanish lessons in Quito here.

4. Northwest Puerto Rico

The ideal spot for a laid-back retreat for those who like a rustic and relaxed atmosphere. This destination will also likely become the new hotspot for the trendy folk since the upcoming food scene is all about health and flavor. Go and surf on one of the many beaches that stretch across the coastline. Along with the spectacular views, Puerto Rico is the ultimate destination for those who want to escape the winter. Practice your surfing skills, try out all kinds of delicious Puerto Rican food and wander in the beauty of nature.

Northwest Puerto Rico

5. Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Another gem in Mexico and another surfing destination is Puerto Escondido. It was once a small fishing village, but now has grown into a paradise for art and food lovers alike as well as surfers of all levels. The Oaxacan coast is a gem of its own, with its beautiful white, palm-lined beaches. You can not only surf, but also dive, fish, swim and snorkel here. This town offers a great variety of Mexican restaurants, as well as fun nightlife. As Freda Moon of the New York Times said, “Oaxaca State’s capital, Oaxaca City, grappling again with political violence once early last year, coastal Puerto Escondido has emerged as a beachy, bohemian alternative”. Visit this “hidden port” in a water lover’s paradise.

Learn Spanish in Oaxaca

Northwest Puerto Rico

6. Iberá Wetlands, Argentina

Ever thought that Argentina was home to the world’s second largest wetlands? Probably not, as most travelers go straight to Patagonia. But the diversity of different species of animals found on this 3.2 million acres of wetlands is unbelievable. There are even jaguars living on these grounds! In Argentina, many projects are happening that have the aim of revitalizing these wetlands. Kelly Dinardo of the New York Times said, “Last year Tompkins Conservation began donating additional land for the creation of Iberá National Park, which, when complete, will be the largest protected natural area in Argentina”. Yet another reason to visit this unique country, with or without starting with Spanish lessons in Buenos Aires first.

Iberá Wetlands, Argentina

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