Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world due to the number of speakers who claim it as their native tongue (after Mandarin Chinese). It is spoken as a first and second language amongst 450 and 500 million people. It is the third most spoken language as a first or second language after Mandarin Chinese and English combined, and is the mother tongue to 400 million people worldwide... Read more


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Karen Bley (Cusco, Perú)
Karen Bley (Cusco, Perú)
Nationality : United States
Age : 56
Profession : Counselor

"We made all of our arrangements by internet and all of the communication was quick and very helpful. Teachers were well prepared and there was good communication between the two of them. There is a friendly and helpful attitude at the school, which adds an element of comfort. I appreciated the availability of hot tea on these cold mornings!"

Tim Tuerlings (Cusco, Perú)
Tim Tuerlings (Cusco, Perú)
Nationality : Holland
Age : 24
Profession : Student

"At this school in Cusco you have really good and nice teachers. Their classes are serious, professional and really diverse. Because of this there are so many students with different nationalities, ages and characteristics. So if you will come here I’m sure you are going to make some new friends. Next to that, the school is located perfectly close to the vibrant plaza de Armas."

Nationality : Germany
Age : 69

"I have the time of my life here! Both In Bogota and here In Medellin my families have been great!! In Bogota the school was excellent. The teachers are very knowledgeable and know, how to help you learn. All of the "personnel" went out of their way to protect and help me!! I had an great experience there, with all 3 teachers: Marcella, Liliana and Amira!!! I certainly can recommend this school to anybody.
Here in Medellin the school is smaller, so I’m receiving private classes! I definitely notice, that I am learning and I have only been here 1/2 of the time!!
Please tell both of my families, that I had a wonderful time with both them and the families!!"

Nationality : Nederlands
Age : 24

"I have been here in Buenos Aires for two months and it was a great experience!!!!! And i will never forget my experience here!!! I enjoyed the Spanish course and the volunteer work a lot. The people are very friendly and nice and they tried to make me happy to work there. I've learned now how to work with little baby's, because i'm was really afraid to work with them. But I learned that they only need love and holding and attention. It was an great experience!!!!!"

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