Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world due to the number of speakers who claim it as their native tongue (after Mandarin Chinese). It is spoken as a first and second language amongst 450 and 500 million people. It is the third most spoken language as a first or second language after Mandarin Chinese and English combined, and is the mother tongue to 400 million people worldwide... Read more


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Maereid Shindell (Cusco, Perú)
Maereid Shindell (Cusco, Perú)
Nationality : U.S.A
Age : 5
Profession : Student

"I liked learning Spanish by playing games, going to the park, going to the market, and putting makeup on my teacher. I learned a lot of Spanish and had so much fun."

Fenke Groosjohan (Cusco, Perú)
Fenke Groosjohan (Cusco, Perú)
Nationality : Holland
Age : 30
Profession : Teacher

"I like the school because there are very many different people to learn Spanish with and the ambience is very good. I think the teachers are very kind, helpful and patient. It is nice to be in a group so you can learn from each other. I think it is also good to have individual lesson because you speak Spanish much more. It is also possible to use the internet, book, trips and wash your clothes. I really enjoy being here."

Horst Viertmann (Cusco, Perú)
Horst Viertmann (Cusco, Perú)
Nationality : Germany
Age : 59
Profession : Engineer

"The organization of the school is very professional and affective. The rooms are good and the bathrooms are clean. The teachers are very engaging and friendly. I would recommend this school to everyone, because I am convinced that the system here works well."

Erich Nauer (Cusco, Perú)
Erich Nauer (Cusco, Perú)
Nationality : Suiza
Age : 64
Profession : Doctor

"Two years ago I decided to visit Peru alter I finished work and to try to learn Spanish. Looking for a Spanish school in South America, I found this Spanish School in Cuzco. The website impressed me with all the interesting informations; the reply to my first mail was so friendly, competent and encouraging that I decided (in spite of my age of 64) to visit this school for 3 months and here I am: happy, in a wonderful school with a good environment, with a good spirit, with an excellent young staff, with an uncomplicated organization, with very good and dedicated teachers and with a variety of interesting programs and different activities I stay with a Peruvian family, also organized by the school and also there I fell quite happy. In addition the school is located near the center of Cuzco which is a great, interesting place with various museums, churches and with many different places that remind of the great time of the Incas. So for me it is a great and interesting time here in Cuzco. Viva Peru."

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