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Spanish School in Cusco, PERU


The school is situated in the amazing Inca city of Cusco, very close to the famous Plaza de Armas in Cusco. An interesting mix of Inca and colonial history is spread all throughout the city. A perfect example are the cobblestoned streets that you will find in the city center. Cusco is a lively city that boasts a strong connection to its Andean roots. In this city you will have the opportunity to enjoy studying Spanish while learning about the rich Peruvian culture. Also, in your spare time you will have plenty of options to explore Cusco: volunteer at one of our volunteer projects, visit the ruins in and around Cusco, take a salsa lesson, and much more!


Spanish Program No matter your level of Spanish, the school in Cusco will make sure you are placed in a group that accommodates your level. Private classes are also available, and it is also possible to do a combination of both. There are various special Spanish programs, such as medical Spanish, Spanish and excursions, total immersion, Spanish and preparation for the DELE exam, and even Spanish for families. The teachers are very dedicated to teaching solid Spanish classes and to using techniques that will improve your Spanish in a very short period of time. It is no doubt you will have a great time in the classroom! The Spanish classes in Cusco also include trips to the Inca Museum or the local San Pedro market, among other activities. During your Spanish program, you will learn a lot about Peruvian culture, as your classes will touch on subjects such as religion, politics and food. All of our teachers are local Peruvians who love to share their knowledge and background with the students.


Accommodation The Spanish school has its own student residence in Cusco. This is an excellent and convenient option, as your accommodation will be just next door to your classroom! There are single and shared rooms available, almost all with a shared bathroom. If you choose to live at the school residence, two meals a day will be included. There is also a kitchen where you can prepare your own meals and a shared living room where you can relax with the other students. However, if you want a close-up look into the Peruvian culture, we offer Peruvian host families as a housing option. This is a great opportunity to practice what you will have learned in your Spanish classes!


Activities You will most definitely not be bored while studying Spanish in Cusco, seeing as it is such a lively city with an impressive history. The school offers many activities that are included in your Spanish program, such as cultural classes about Peruvian history and culture, a welcome dinner for new students, and a city tour through Cusco. In the city, there are a lot of interesting museums that you can visit to learn more about the Inca culture. It is also possible to go out dancing in Cusco´s popular nightlife. You might even want to take a free salsa lesson at the school once a week, or in one of the bars that offer classes every day. Outside of Cusco you can visit the Sacred Valley and enjoy its impressive landscapes.


Cusco Peru is a country in the northwest of South America. Lima, its capital, is a diverse city that is a must-see. The country has a lot to offer: an ancient Inca culture, a beautifully diverse nature (coast, mountains and jungle) and delicious food. In Peru they speak Spanish, Quechua (Inca language), and many other indigenous languages.

Cusco, meaning ´navel´ in Quechua, used to be the centre of the Inca Empire. Situated at an altitude of 3,400 meters, altitude sickness can be a common struggle. However, it usually just takes a few days to get used to it, and you will be good to go! Cusco has a lot to offer: history, culture, night life, and it is the connecting town to the most popular destination of Peru, the Inca Citadel Machu Picchu.


There are a lot of different activities to do in and around Cusco besides studying Spanish. Here are some tips for the most popular ones:

  • The Sacred Valley of the Incas. Includes visits to the villages of Pisac, Ollantaytambo and Chincheros.

  • Inca Trail and alternative trekking tours to Machu Picchu. Includes a guided tour at Machu Picchu.
  • Rafting
  • Rafting. Adrenaline on the Urubamba River!

  • Mountain Biking to Moras/Moray. All downhill!

You can book tours through the travel agency, Dos Manos, that is situated in the same building as the Spanish school. Depending on your preferences and interests, the Dos Manos personnel can help you book the perfect tour in Peru.


volunteer program There are many volunteer projects in Cusco where you have the opportunity to get a first-look into the life of Peruvians. Participating in these volunteer projects will teach you about the Peruvian culture in a unique way. Volunteering is also a good way to practice your Spanish language skills in Peru. Volunteer possibilities include after-school projects, orphanages, public schools, medical programs and tourism.


  • The teaching style is very interactive.
  • The focus of the school´s methodology for Spanish classes in Peru is based on expanding conversation skills and improving the confidence of the student.
  • The teachers have extensive experience and passion for the Spanish language, thus creating a fun and enthusiastic environment for Spanish learning.
  • The school offers a variety of extra activities besides Spanish classes in order to provide more opportunities to dive into the Peruvian culture.
  • The school´s accommodation in Cusco is in a prime location. Close to the Plaza de Armas, students live right in the middle of all the interesting places that the city has to offer.
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