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Spanish School in Granada, NICARAGUA


The Colonial city of Granada, located in Nicaragua, gives students the unique opportunity to explore a beautiful culture while learning the Spanish Language or doing volunteer work. The language school is situated in Granada´s fabulous city centre and is therefore very close to the exciting hotspots of Granada, such as Central Park. Besides the language courses offered, there are also multiple volunteer projects in and around Granada.


Our Spanish students at Spanish School in Nicaragua Spanish courses in Granada aim to teach you the Spanish Language and also give insight into the Nicaraguan culture and lifestyle.

Classes are held from Monday to Friday, with a maximum of three students per class. This maximum exists in order to provide the most personal attention and pertinent class material. The classes take place in the morning and are divided into four, 55 minute classes. The teachers within the school are highly experienced professionals who are dedicated to the growth of their students.

After your classes, you can enjoy a variety of afternoon activities that will help you improve your conversation skills and experience the Nicaraguan culture. The activities are hosted by the teachers, who have the best insight into the local spots.


Accommodation in Granada Nicaragua Host Family in Granada
Immerse yourself in the local culture and improve your Spanish conversational skills by living with a Nicaraguan family. As all host families are in a prime location in Granada, students will be living within walking distance of the school. The accommodation consists of a private room, with the other facilities shared. The host mom, who will provide the meals and any other assistance to the students, hosts a maximum of three students at a time. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.

Residence in Granada
For students who want to live on their own in Granada, it is possible to reserve a room in a hostel in the beautiful city centre. A private room and bathroom, queen-size bed, shared living room and kitchen are the facilities that the hostel in Granada provides. If you so desire, breakfast can be included, and meals can also be prepared in the communal kitchen of the hostel.

Students looking for a more luxurious option may reserve an independent apartment.


Activities in Nicaragua There are many options for activities in Nicaragua. Free activities are organized four times a week with the school. Below are some of the examples of the activities in Granada that the school offers:

  • Walk or explore Granada by car
  • Discuss socio-cultural interests with fellow students
  • Try Nicaraguan dishes during cooking class
  • Visit the Convent San Francisco
  • Visit the Island La Ceiba
  • Participate in a dance class


Our Spanish students in Granada, Nicaragua Nicaragua is known for its beautiful lakes, tropical beaches and stunning volcanoes. Geographically situated between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Nicaragua is a unique and interesting destination. It is the largest country in Central America and has two different climates: a wet climate from May to October and a dry climate from November to April. Nicaragua´s capital city is Managua, which is home to more than one million inhabitants.

You will find the city of Granada on the shore of the beautiful Lake Nicaragua. The volcanoes found here provide stunning surroundings. You will find well preserved Colonial landmarks and historical buildings. There are many things to do in Granada, such as visiting museums, enjoying nature related activities, going to restaurants, interacting with locals and much more.


Activities in Nicaragua As Granada is one of the most visited cities in Nicaragua, it is very important for the country´s tourism industry. Because of this, it offers a variety of exciting excursions. Some examples of these excursions are:
  • The Mombacho Volcano, which features an exotic forest
  • Water sports on Lake Nicaragua
  • The Archipelago of Las Isletas
  • The Zapatera Archipelago
  • A visit to the peasant farms
  • The Apoyo Lagoon Natural Reserve


Volunteer in Nicaragua

When it comes to volunteer work in Nicaragua, there are a lot of possibilities in and around the colonial city of Granada. The volunteer projects often consist of helping those who are most affected by poverty. Options include helping in a day care center, working at a music school or aiding in a Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. International volunteers are highly valued by Nicaraguans. Therefore, the locals are always willing to help you improve your Spanish language skills while working at a project.

Prior to starting volunteer work, the student will take one week of Spanish classes in order to be well prepared to work at one of the volunteering projects in Granada.


  • The school offers high quality Spanish courses that are tailored to your specific level.
  • High importance is given to the cultural context during the learning experience.
  • The perfect location of the school allows the students to fully experience the Nicaraguan culture and lifestyle.
  • The warm, welcoming people and the beautiful natural surroundings make Granada a wonderful place to learn Spanish.
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