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Spanish School in Montaņita, ECUADOR


School Description This Spanish school is perfect for beach and surf lovers. Our new premises are only two minutes’ walk from the bus stop and one from the centre of town. Located on the hill behind the town there is abreath taking view of all of Montanita and the surrounding coastline, the perfect place to check out the waves between classes.

Montañita has a beautiful beach, great surfing, and lots of activities nearby. These include wildlife tours to Isla Del Plata, the Galapagos islands, many beaches, horse trekking into the cloud forest, massages, Spa’s and much more. The perfect setting for your Spanish course, and you can be assured that the quality of teaching and service is high!

Ever considered taking surfing lessons? Try our popular Spanish & Surf program and discover one of the most beautiful surf areas of South America while learning Spanish!


The school provides small mini-groups who get 4 lessons per day, 5 days per week. Classes consist of 2 hours of largely grammar-based learning, followed by 2 hours of more conservational- or activity-based Spanish, to put into practice what you have learnt. We have found this approach to be extremely effective. The groups are very small, normally 2-4 persons, so you will get lots of attention, and your learning needs are catered for.

The school also offers private classes. With our teacher only focused on your needs, you can guarantee that you will learn quickly and efficiently. This is often the best route to take if you are limited on time, or if you have specialised Spanish to learn, or just because it suits your learning style best. The teacher will be following a well proven course syllabus, but may also concentrate on any weaknesses you have, or discuss in conjunction with you any areas you wish to work on.

The school also offers a number of activity related courses and special courses that students can combine with study. Hereby a selection of the special courses offered:

  • Medical Spanish.
  • Spanish and Volunteer .
  • Spanish and Surf.
  • Spanish Scuba and Surf (fixed starting dates).
  • Spanish and Padi Dive-Master combo .
  • Explore Ecuador Travelling Classroom .
  • Galapagos 8 Day wildlife & multisport cruise on a First Class sailing catamaran.


The school offers 10 different levels, all of which follow the standard European Educational system of A1 to C2. With 10 different ability groups you will be with others also keen to learn, at the same level. By having others in your class it is an excellent way to stay motivated, practise what you are learning and to meet other students.


We have Grammar books, exercise books, vocabulary books and activity books all for a small deposit. When you pay the deposit, the books are yours for the duration of your stay. If you return them, your deposit is refunded, or alternatively you can keep them if you wish.


Our teachers are all qualified professionals. They are fully trained to a high level and are experts at making your learning experience a fun and enjoyable one. No matter which level you study at, you will be guaranteed of the same high standard of teaching.


Accommodation Cabanas
At our school we offer nice cabanas where our students can stay. Much of the building materials used are ecologically friendly; we use recycled water to feed our large and growing garden (please bring biodegradable soap and shampoo if possible); there is solar outside lighting; we work with rainwater collection for swimming pool and Jacuzzi - all to help the environment. Our accommodation is a perfect combination of location, peace and luxury. There is a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and a large communal kitchen.

Home Stay
With your Ecuadorian host family you have the opportunity to be fully immersed in Ecuadorian life. It is important to understand that you will be located in the local Village. It is quite poor and won’t have the conveniences you will be used to. It is full immersion in Ecuadorian life. There will be a flush toilet and a bed and you will have a private room. The families are very friendly but the facilities are basic by western standard. They all enjoy chatting with you to find out about your home, family, what you like etc. These chats normally take place after dinner and are a highlight for many students; the perfect way to practice the Spanish you have learnt during the day.


Activities The school offers a variety of fun and interesting activities. There is a notice board with the activities offered each week, so you can write down you name for any activities you wish to do. Activities include wildlife tours to Isla Del Plata, horse riding, cooking classes, surf tours and dancing classes.


Lying on either side of the equator, one part in the southern hemisphere and the other in the northern hemisphere, Ecuador is a land divided into three distinct geological regions – Sierra (the highlands), Oriente (the east) and Costa (the coast). These regions seem like three different planets squeezed into one tiny country as they all offer very different landscapes and varieties of the culture. In addition, Ecuador controls the Galapagos Islands, which is even more like a distant universe. The predominant religion is Roman Catholic, but there is a scattering of other Christian faiths. Spanish is the main language throughout Ecuador, though Quechua is the preferred language amongst the indigenous people. Knowledge of one or two words in Quechua will almost certainly earn you an extra orange in the market!.


montanita Montanita is whatever you want it to be. You can come here to relax and be in touch with nature, enjoy the surfing or discover its special and unique nightlife; international cuisine, cafes and bars where you can can soak up both the culture and the sun whilst meeting people from around the world. A well-known international tourist destination situated on the coast along the “Ruta del Sol” ("Route of the Sun"), ideal for surfing all year round. However, Montanita is more than just surfing; it is one of the most interesting locations in South America; multicultural with residents and tourists mixing with the local community. This place has an incredible natural ambience, you will be warmly welcomed by locals and immediately feel at home!.


Many of our students travel to Galapagos Islands after their time with us at the school. We have therefore thoroughly researched all possibilities for travel to the islands and can offer our students some great deals so that they don’t miss out on this amazing experience.


volunteer program There are several Spanish and Volunteering options in and around Montañita. For each option you choose your choice of Spanish classes and accommodation. The main options are:

- Elementary/Primary School.
- Local Children's Nursery.
- Local Veterinary.

Medical Spanish with Hospital Internship
For four hours per day you will learn General Spanish (2 hours) and Medical Spanish (2 hours plus) with our professional teacher. Five days per week you will also have a medical internship at the local Hospital in Manglaralto or at the Santa Maria Clinic in the very small rural village of Dos Mangos. Manglaralto Hospital deals mainly with poor people from the surrounding rural areas and small 'pueblos'. It has a very good range of facilities including emergency, x- ray, maternity, hospitalization etc. The feedback has always been exceptional for the internship program, so if you are a medical student, we encourage you to take this program.


  • It takes on a very interactive teaching methodology, focused on conversation and increasing individual confidence.
  • The teachers have extensive experience and aim to make the learning process a fun and successful one.
  • The school offers an amazing selection of additional activities to enhance your learning.
  • The unique location of the school enables students to experience many activities and adventures that are not possible elsewhere.
  • Montañita is a very attractive and safe town.

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