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Spanish School in Quito, ECUADOR


School Description In Ecuador, you simply can't go wrong, as it is arguably the most diverse country on the planet. The capital city Quito, in fact, lies at the foot of the 4100 meter high Pichincha volcano. Ecuadorians speak Spanish very clearly, which will help you to easily and quickly learn and understand the language. This school is located in a beautiful building in the middle of the Mariscal area. In the same building you will also find a travel agency. Upstairs and outside there are several different class rooms that can accommodate both group and private lessons. But if the weather is good and you prefer to have classes in our garden, it is also possible. There is a glass covered serre, where you find comfortable couches, a ping-pong table and – freshly made – coffee. Outside you will find a lemon tree that attracts many humming birds.


Spanish Program In order to make students gain a firm grasp of Spanish in a short period, the school offers intensive courses and special programs such as “Advanced”. This course is designed to prepare you rapidly and fully for the D.E.L.E. exam (“Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera”). We also offer: Commercial Spanish Course, Business Spanish Course, etc.

If you decide to take group lessons, your classes will have duration of 4 hours per day,  five days a week. You will receive a grammar book of and a weekly workbook with all the necessary exercises for your most effective learning.  Besides, you will be able to improve your skills with several kinds of resources, such as videos, recordings, written material, etc. Groups have no more than six students each. In case there is no group available on your level, you will receive private lessons for 3 hours every day, with no additional charge.

Generally students need 4 weeks (4 hours of daily instruction) to complete the intensive program. However, individual progress also depends on initial level of fluency, personal skills and dedication.

If you prefer you can also choose to have individual classes, or semi-private classes (2 students with one teacher). Private classes are especially interesting for students with an advanced level of Spanish. Flexibility in your class schedule is almost total, and the speed in which you will learn Spanish and the topics you will study will depend totally on your desires and needs.


The classes are highly focused in the development of communication skills (Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading). The school has created its own learning materials as audio-video exercises, workbooks, grammar book, and much more which are provided to the students as a part of their program of classes.


All teachers have taught Spanish for at least 8 years. All materials (Grammar books, workbooks, audiovisual exercises, etc) have been developed by the teachers themselves.


Host family
During your stay with a host family you have all opportunities to put into practice your Spanish lessons during common meals. It is also the perfect way to experience the ´real´ way of living of an Ecuadorian middle class family. The different families we work with live within a maximum range of 20 minutes from the school. During your stay at your host family, you will have a private room,  get three meals a day on weekdays and your laundry will be done once a week. The host family will pick you up on Monday after your first lessons. The first nights you will normally stay at a hostel near school.

Student House
If you would like to have more freedom and space to cook for yourself, you can also choose to stay in our student house. The house stands in the middle of the Mariscal neighborhood, nearby different restaurants, bars and of course our school. During your stay at our student house, meals are not included and you can either choose to cook yourself or to eat at one of the many nearby restaurants. All rooms are shared with a maximum of three other students of the same gender.

If you prefer staying in a private room at a hostel, we can also offer you different options in the Mariscal area. At all hostels you can use the kitchen facilities.


Activities Learning a new language is much more than only studying grammar. Therefore this school wants their students to get to know the Ecuadorian culture and feel immersed and confident in it.

The following activities are offered regularly (selection):

  • Salsa lessons (once a week)
  • Welcome activities (cocktails, chocolate time, etc. once a week)
  • Chiva (a bus with no walls and with a music band inside)
  • Traditional dancers
  • Cooking lessons
  • Ping-pong championships
  • Traditional games
  • Special Programs around the national festivities


Ecuador is situated on the Equator, in the northwest of South America, and is considered to be the most geographically diverse country in the world. In addition to the tropical rainforest, the snow-capped Andes span the length of the country to the Pacific coast. About an hour and a half flight to the west, at only 1000 kilometers of the mainland, lies the most beautiful island group in the world: the Galapagos Islands, an unspoiled natural paradise. On these volcanic islands you'll find animal species as varying as penguins, sea lions, giant tortoises, and flightless sea ravens, not to mention types of lizards that can only be found here.


Quito The capital lies inland at a high approximately 2850 meters above the sea level, framed by the majestic peaks of the Andes Mountains and embedded in a beautiful valley. This extraordinary, geographic positioning allows for spectacular views of the Andes the volcanic Ring of Fire during good weather. Owing to its very pleasant climate, Quito is also known as the "City of Eternal Spring."

Quito is one of the most beautiful, richest, and oldest cities in South America. Wrestled first by the Inca and then conquered by the Spanish in 1534, Quito has an animated past. At the “Centro Historico” you will find colourful street markets where dealers and traders from all over the country come to present their goods and wares. The image of the New City is characterized by numerous parks, modern office buildings, and residential areas, where you can also find historical buildings scattered amongst the more recent architectural additions. The school is situated in one of the liveliest neighbourhoods of the New City, La Mariscal. Besides our School and Student house, you will also find a multitude of bars, restaurants, hostels, and dance clubs.


Excursions The school has its own in-house travel agency so you have easy access to reserving a great variety of excursions such as:

  • Otavalo (Indian market)
  • Papallacta (thermal baths in a wonderful Andean valley)
  • Quilotoa(water-filled caldera, nearby the Andean Mountains)
  • Cotopaxi (National park)
  • Baños (lovely town approx. 4 hours from Quito)


  • The Spanish of the Ecuadorian people is easily understandable
  • Ecuador has a rich culture with remnants of its long history such as Indian markets, colonial buildings and Inca ruins
  • Quito is the “City of Eternal Spring” (20° - 25° C) and has numerous sightseeing attractions and leisure options
  • The school offers a good service, a long experience and flexibility, thus offering a suitable program for every student, fulfilling every need.
  • The cozy building is located in the middle of the Mariscal area, with easy access to all tourist facilities, bars and cultural centers.


Volunteer Program The school arranges many different volunteer projects in all regions of Ecuador.

The projects are divided in three different categories:

  • Social Projects - These projects are located in Quito and all have a social aspect: nursery, schools, street children outreach project, etc. When participating at one of these projects, your accommodation will be in the Student House.
  • Nature Projects - The projects are located outside of Quito and can have different aspects: social, nature, animals, tourism, etc. When participating at one of these projects, your accommodation will be either at the project itself or at a host family. All meals are also included.
  • Galapagos Projects - We have different projects on the Galapagos Islands with social (school) and nature (reforestation) aspects. When choosing one of these projects you will either stay at a host family or in the volunteer house at the project, no meals included.

There is a volunteer coordinator who helps you with your arrangements before your trip and who assists and guides you while you are working at the project. Please ask for our up-to-date project list.

The school has great social commitment and coordinates and gives technical support to these projects so that their work can substantially improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable inhabitants of the country and their natural surroundings
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