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Spanish School in Trinidad, CUBA


Spanish program in Trinidad, Cuba Spanish lessons and accommodation through this language school in Cuba are arranged in the downtown area of Trinidad. Colonial buildings, such as Palacio Brunet and Iglesia Francisco, are accessible in just a few minutes. Classes are given at local homes, either in the house of a host family, at the teacher’s house or in some cases, in cultural centres such as a library.


Spanish program in Trinidad, Cuba All Spanish programs are available throughout the whole year and start on every Monday of the month. You may choose between group Spanish courses, individual Spanish courses, and special Spanish courses, such as Spanish and Dance or Spanish and Music. With the Spanish and Dance program, you can choose to learn salsa, mambo, rumba or son. Dance lessons are given by qualified teachers of the Escuela Nacional de Arte. The music classes are great for those wanting to learn how to play percussion or the guitar. Students with a diving accreditation or license have the opportunity to choose a scuba diving package in Trinidad. Trinidad has paradisiacal beaches and excellent spots to explore the ocean. The variety of species, visibility conditions and average water temperature make Trinidad a perfect place for scuba diving.

The teaching style encourages student interaction. The program is made up of interesting and interactive exercises, created to encourage students to practice Spanish in a real life setting. All teachers are native speakers with a university degree and have many years of experience teaching Spanish to foreigners.


Spanish program in Trinidad, Cuba The school offers accommodation with host families in Trinidad. This is a great way to learn Spanish. You will spend your time with a Cuban host family and will share your experiences with them. All families have an official license to welcome foreigners into their homes. The families live in spacious homes in a residential part of town. Host families are always within walking distance from the location of classes or from where other students are staying. The host families offer single or double rooms, breakfast and dinner, rooms with air-conditioning or fans, towels and sheets. Most rooms have a private bathroom. Laundry is not included, but families will take care of the laundry for a small fee.


The school organizes weekly social activities for students to enjoy local events and visit the most beautiful places in Cuba. You can enjoy any of the following activities:

  • Dance classes (salsa, mambo, rumba, cha-cha-cha, son)
  • Music classes (percussion, guitar, trumpet)
  • Guided city tour in Trinidad
  • Witness Santeria or consult with a Santeria priest; Santeria is a fusion of Catholicism with the Lucumi religion of the African Yoruba tribes


Trinidad Cuba is a beautiful country, filled with very friendly and hospitable people. It is a country of music, singing, dancing and socializing. The people of Cuba make it a point to take time for themselves and their guests. Cuba will make you feel like you have traveled back in time to the 50’s. There are older cars, no one is in a hurry and the atmosphere is relaxed. Cuba has a very nice climate, thus you are able to enjoy beaches and water sports all year round.

Trinidad was the third Spanish settlement in Cuba, after Baracos and Bayano. It used to be an important harbour; next to tobacco, sugar was also a very important agricultural export here. Trinidad used to be a very wealthy town during the 19th century, but this changed after the two wars of independence. Nowadays, Trinidad is a historic town with about 50.000 inhabitants. Trinidad is the best-preserved colonial town in Cuba and, therefore, has a wonderful atmosphere. Trinidad has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. At night, the town becomes very festive, with bars full of live music and performers from social-cultural centres such as Casa de la Musica and Casa de la Trova.


Excursions Cuba is a beautiful country with lots to see and do. You can visit the most popular places for a weekend or for 1 day. In general, people travel together to make transportation more economical. Book your excursions directly at the school. Popular excursions are:

  • Playa Ancon – accessible by taxi or coco taxi
  • Valle de los Ingenios (also known as Valley of the Sugar Mills), consists of three interconnected valleys, and is located just 12 km outside of Trinidad; it has a natural history museum and several excursion options
  • Excursion by boat to Cayo Blanco; includes lunch and one drink


This school currently does not offer volunteer programs in Trinidad. It is, however, possible to help out at local projects in Havana. Ask us for further information regarding volunteering in Cuba.


  • The school takes on an interactive approach to learning
  • The teaching methodology focuses on conversation and increasing speaking confidence
  • The teachers have many years of experience and aim to make the learning process fun and successful
  • You have the opportunity to enjoy and experience the real Cuban life, make local friends and learn Spanish through classes and the homestay experience
  • Trinidad is the most well-preserved Spanish colonial town in Cuba and therefore makes for a wonderful atmosphere
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