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Spanish School in Puerto Viejo, COSTA RICA


Spanish Program Do you want to learn how to speak Spanish? Do you like to study Spanish at a unique spot in Costa Rica that is not yet crowded by tourists? Then Puerto Viejo is the perfect place for you! The magic of Puerto Viejo lies in the authentic vibrancy of the streets and the presence of the beautiful bright blue sea close by. This Spanish school is located just next to the coastline and in the center of Puerto Viejo. The school has an amazing laidback ambiance and a big garden where students can relax in one of the hammocks while being surrounded by palms, tropical plants and fruit trees. During the Spanish class in Puerto Viejo, which will take place either in a little hut or on the porch, you can spot humming birds, and during breaks, you will be given coffee and tea.


The Spanish school in Costa Rica believes that a successful approach to learning Spanish is by meaningful and authentic communication. Rather than focusing on making your grammar skills perfect, the professional and experienced teachers are more focused on encouraging their students to speak out loud in Spanish. It is important that students enjoy the journey of improving their Spanish skills by practicing and speaking a lot.

After taking a language level test, the student will be taught according to the level that fits best with their current skills, with levels ranging from A1 to C2. Besides the standard programs such as Regular Spanish, D.E.L.E Preparation, and Intensive Spanish, the school also offers special adventure packages. You can choose between Spanish & Surf, Spanish & Horseback Riding, Spanish & Yoga and Spanish & Hiking. Each program combines classes and activities in that particular area, as well as a Spanish class, focused on the vocabulary of that specific area. Fun guaranteed!


For any student coming to Latin America to study Spanish, it is highly recommended to stay with a host family during your time there. A host family not only gives you the chance to practice your Spanish with locals, but it also gives you the chance to get to know and immerse yourself in the culture of Costa Rica. The host families in Costa Rica are known for their warm welcomes, hospitality, and generosity.

Another great option for accommodation would be the school’s own hostel. This hostel is perfect for those who want a little more privacy while still meeting people and fellow students from all over the world. In this hostel, you can live in a shared or private room in the middle of nature. Laundry service, free coffee, and tea, a towel, a fully equipped kitchen, and many more services are all provided.


Activities Thankfully, it is not all about studying when it comes to improving your Spanish. Learning a new language is also about having fun. Therefore, this school arranges all sorts of enjoyable activities for you and will teach you more about the culture of Costa Rica. Because Puerto Viejo is located close to the sea, naturally, you can do many water activities and adventure sports such as yoga, surfing, swimming, horseback riding, and hiking.


Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica Costa Rica is the ideal country for being outdoors, enjoying nature and the diversity of the many sites you can visit here. Go surfing on one of the many gorgeous beaches of white sand and turquoise blue waters. Or perhaps you prefer the jungle, which means you can go on an adventure and encounter dozens of different species of animals that call the tropical rainforest home. Adventure seekers feel right at home in Costa Rica because there are so many fun activities to do such as canopying or zip lining. If you are not one for adventure, go there for the food! Costa Rica has many delicious dishes. Moreover, in Costa Rica, you can find tons of coffee farms, banana plantations and loads of chocolate!

Puerto Viejo is a town that is close to the Panamanian border and has a relaxed vibe. Mass tourism has not taken over yet, and therefore you will still find abandoned beaches and many local people, who are among the sweetest and friendliest people you will ever meet. It is also known for its great nightlife because it has two clubs and live music almost every day. There is also great variety restaurants, and all of them serve quality dishes and typical Costa Rican food.


In addition to the afternoon activities and the Spanish & Adventure programs the school offers, you can also enjoy nice tours in Puerto Viejo once Spanish classes are finished, or on the weekends. Options include horseback riding trips, surf lessons, kayak tours and snorkel tours.

If you want a break from your Spanish classes, the school offers amazing options to discover the beautiful nature of Costa Rica. Choose between a weekend adventure package and a package on weekdays. The packages include activities such as a kayak trip, a visit to waterfalls, and a jungle hike.


Volunteering in Costa Rica is a unique, satisfying and amazing experience! It is the perfect way to help the local community while immersing yourself in the local culture. Not to mention, you can practice your Spanish throughout the experience. At this school, the options are divided into various fields of interest. In the educational field, you can work at a daycare, an outreach program for indigenous people, or an after school program. If you would like to work in an environmental program, you can choose between an eco-project in Cahuita or a wild animal rescue center.


  • The school is located right next to the beautiful beach and in the center of town.
  • The school is perfect for those looking for an authentic and laidback ambiance.
  • You will have the chance to combine your Spanish program with fun and active programs.
  • Costa Rica offers you spectacular views and an amazing diverse nature
  • The volunteering options are endless and offer the opportunity to make authentic connections with the local people
  • The Spanish program is focused on communication and getting you to speak more and more Spanish.

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