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Spanish School in LETICIA , COLOMBIA


school description In the Southern part of Colombia, where Colombia, Brazil and Peru meet on the Amazon River, you will find Leticia, where this Spanish Language School is located. In this region, you will find a variety of eco-tourism activities, along with an impressive array of wildlife. The school is located in the city centre near Plaza Parque Santander.


Spanish Program Courses are given at any level and range from standard group courses to individual programs. During the classes, teachers use a lot of interactive, communicative and personal teaching methods. It is possible to start a Spanish program any Monday throughout the year. All Spanish courses include Spanish grammar, exercises to expand vocabulary and improve pronunciation, conversations, role playing and debates, cultural classes and activities about Latin America, Colombia and the Amazon.

You can also choose from Spanish programs such as Spanish and Dance, Spanish and Amazon Studies and Spanish for Families.

During the classes the students will work from a Latin American oriented text book, which will be provided by the school. This textbook is the foundation of the courses and will be complimented with other materials such as articles, grammar exercises, songs, literature and CDīs.

All the teachers are very professional and are native Spanish speakers. Because of this, they will provide a rich language learning experience and a first-look into the Colombian culture.


To find the perfect accommodation in Colombia, the school provides students with a home stay family or a bed and breakfast. Both are within walking distance from the school.

The host families have been selected with care. There are regular house inspections and feedback from both the students and the families, all to ensure a top-notch stay. The student will have a private room, and other facilities will be shared with the family. Breakfast and dinner are provided. Special diets and allergies are not a problem and can be accommodated.

Another option is to stay at the bed and breakfast near the school, where you can stay in a private room. The bed and breakfast offers ten comfortable rooms, consisting of a larger room with a double or single bed and a smaller room with a hammock, private shower and toilet, ceiling fan, safety box, and a desk with a pergola. Breakfast is provided.


The school offers many cultural activities - most are included in your Spanish program. Four days a week these activities are available after Spanish classes. Some of the activities are:

  • Orientation meeting for new students with a City Tour on Sunday
  • Latin American Movies
  • Typical Colombian Cooking Class
  • Amazonian handcraft
  • Fruits of the Amazon
  • Various local visits


Leticia Colombia, located in the northwest of South America, used to be a travel route for ancient cultures that migrated between the Americas. Colombia has an amazing historical legacy thanks to the pre-Hispanic ruins, which are easily accessible from the capital. The National parks and the Nature Reserves are a must-see, as well as the idyllic beaches for water sports that can be found along the northern Caribbean coast.

Leticia is a vibrant city that is bursting with Colombian culture, and it is also a starting point to explore the Amazon. This city lies on the edge of Colombia, Peru and Brazil, īLas Tres Fronterasī, which means that it is just a few blocks away from the border of each country!


school description TIn addition to the cultural activities, there are also several options to explore the magical Amazon River and rainforest by participating in an excursion.

Examples of one day excursions:

  • Monkey Island– Puerto Nariņo – Tarapoto lake
  • Amazonian Tribes
  • Docel- Tanimboca
  • Caiman Observation – Night time jungle sounds
  • Kayak – Yahuarcaca Lakes

Weekend excursions operate with a minimum of two people and can be enjoyed every weekend of the year. Examples of some great trips to explore the Amazon are:

  • Weekend package at a nature reserve: rainforest and animals of the Amazon (Peru, transport by the river).
  • Weekend package at a nature reserve: rainforest and animals of the Amazon (Colombia, transport by land).
  • Weekend Bird watching at a nature reserve: birds of the Amazon (Colombia, transport by land).


volunteer program Should you be interested in volunteering in Colombia, then opt for the volunteer program where volunteer work and Spanish classes are paired. Starting every Monday during the year, there are 4, 6 or 8 week programs available. Possible fields you can choose from are social work and teaching, and the students can choose their own preferred location.

There is also a 12 week internship program, which provides the opportunity to work and live in Colombia. Interns will experience the culture of Colombia while practicing their Spanish skills and gaining work experience abroad. Work fields include social work, healthcare, education, environment or tourism.

To apply for these programs, please send your preferences and motivation letter to us. The Volunteer Coordinator takes the studentīs personal goals, level of Spanish, prior work experience and length of probable commitment into account when arranging the placement.


  • The interactive teaching methods will skyrocket your Spanish level.
  • The teaching methodology focuses on conversation and increasing individual confidence.
  • The extensive experience of the teaching staff creates a fun and efficient learning process for the students.
  • There is a great variety of cultural activities to complement your Spanish learning.
  • The location is unique and gives the students the opportunity to explore the Colombian rainforest.
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