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Spanish School in Cartagena, COLOMBIA


school description If you are looking forward to getting to know Colombia and at the same time learning Spanish, we encourage you to take the course at our school in the Caribbean Cartagena. We offer Spanish courses for students, executives and families from all over the world, as well as Spanish with purpose (business, medicine, etc.) courses and volunteer work. Our school in Cartagena is located in the city center, just 4 blocks from the main entrance to the "Old City" in a colonial house with a Caribbean atmosphere that you will love. You don't know the Caribbean until you know Cartagena. Be prepared to meet the friendliest people of the world, live a musical atmosphere, eat an extraordinary and varied food, take the sun in astonishing beaches and dive near beautiful coral reefs, hear stories of pirates, slaves  and sank Spanish ships ,visit natural parks, live the Rumba (Party!) in the beach and enjoy the best weather.


spanish program We teach Spanish through intensive courses that are focused on the student’s interests (e.g. on professional, familiar or cultural interests). The courses are ruled both by the Common European Framework of references for languages (CEF) and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) guidelines.

The standard group course includes 15 hours of Spanish lessons but also tutorial classes, dance-and cooking lessons and other cultural activities to get to know Colombia, its history and its culture.  The intensive group course offers the same estracurricular activities but with extra hours of Spanish (20 hours of Spanish). There is a maximum of 8 students per group (average: 3 or 4). It is also possible to have an individual program, totally adapted to your personal needs and goals.


levels We offer six levels of learning, which is the number of levels required for a language study program to be considered professional, efficient and accredited. It is very important to locate you in the adequate level so you can take the maximum of advantage of your staying at the school. Therefore the first day you will be evaluated in order to set a learning plan that fits your needs. Furthermore, your teacher will evaluate you every two weeks so you can frequently see your improvements and keep improving your Spanish.


The teachers offer a wide variety of educational materials including exercises for grammar, pronunciation, writing, talking and reading. These materials are included in the course price. It is also possible to buy the book that the teachers use as a guideline for the course.


In Cartagena all special kinds of courses are offered, such as Spanish and Dancing (a combination of Spanish group lessons in the mornings, followed by dancing classes in the afternoon (tropical rhythms mostly), Spanish and Scuba diving, Kitesurfing, Sunfish Sailing and others.


teachers Our teachers have an excellent preparation and a long experience in the Spanish teaching field.  There all have a service vocation and love for teaching.


Spanish and volunteering is a Spanish course plus a volunteer job at an orphanage, hospital, Charity or at the University. This course is for (mainly) professional people who want not only to learn Spanish and know our country, but also to help people in need. This program includes 32 hour weekly including 15 hours of Spanish, 5 hours of activities and others and 12 hours of volunteering at a social institution.


In order to fully enjoy the experience of learning Spanish abroad, it is necessary to get adequate accommodation in the right place. It is clear that people have different tastes, and this is why we offer different types of accommodation to our students:

Home stay accommodation
Living with a host family means sharing your daily life with Spanish speaking people. Breakfast and dinner are included and there is washing machine available or your clothes will be washed once a week. Families are chosen carefully. During your stay you will be another member of the family. We visit the families regularly and we permanently assess their human qualities and the location of their house. The first day or classes all students get picked up from their accommodation.

Apartments in Cartagena
For students planning to come with a group, the school can help to find you a (luxury) apartment in Cartagena.


spanish program We have a program of interesting cultural and recreational activities that will help practicing your Spanish as well as visit interesting places and have fun with friends. Social, cultural and sports activities include visits to museums, natural parks, beaches, concerts, sightseeing tours, walks through nature, restaurants, etc. These activities are organized on a weekly basis (at least two activities per week). They are ideal to practice the language and attain a better understanding of the culture.


Colombia is situated on the northwest corner of South America and had been used as a travelling route by ancient cultures migrating between the Americas.  For culture enthusiasts, the country has a rich historical legacy which includes many pre-Hispanic ruins, many of which lie within easy reach of the capital, Bogotá. Bogota also has some fine examples of colonial architecture. Colombia has thirty-four national parks as well as a growing number of nature reserves which provide opportunities to pursue a wide range of activities ranging from climbing or mountain biking in the Andes to bird-watching and fishing in the Amazon. The northern Caribbean coast offers idyllic conditions for exciting water sports and is characterized by a host of modern beach resorts.


Cartagena Cartagena is a UNESCO World Heritage City, and on the “must see” lists of millions of world travellers. Ramparts and walls were built all around the city in order to protect it from pirate attacks. Now, nearly 500 years old, this majestic city on the South-western Caribbean, retains much the charm, history, architecture, romance and adventure of days gone by.

Nearby Cartagena is located the famous Rosary Islands Natural Park, which is a group of coral islands with the best beaches near Cartagena. Only 40 minutes from Cartagena is the Totumo swamp which is a shallow fresh water lake besides the sea, this is a paradiasic please where a huge variety of migratory and non migratory birds nest being a delight for tourist and locals. There you can take a bath into the crater of a volcano, a mud volcano that´s famous for being good for the skin. Other thing that you should do is to visit the charming restaurants and clubs inside of the so called old city.


The school offers many weekend excursions, such as:

Visit to the natural park of El Rosario Islands: Near Cartagena you will find wonderful beaches, among which the ones of the National Park El Rosario Islands are outstanding. This is a park composed of dozens of coral islands in the Caribbean.  Our students can dive or take scuba diving lessons at a very special price. You will enjoy beautiful beaches and marine fauna; a weekend diving excursion accompanied by this teacher is really a fantastic experience or a Cultural sightseeing along the walls, the castle and the streets of the ancient city. This town was the main shipping port for the gold collected by the Spaniards all over the South American continent. Cartagena was also one of the main ports for the trade of slaves in South America. Saint Pedro Claver, the “slave of slaves” lived here. Today, a beautiful church reminds us of his deeds.
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