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Spanish School in Bogota, COLOMBIA


school description If you are looking forward to learning Spanish while exploring Colombia, we recommend this Spanish school in Bogotá. The school offers Spanish courses to students, families and executives. Located in one of the most traditional neighborhoods in Bogotá, Quinta Camacho, the school is situated only 15 minutes away from the city centre of Bogota. It is also very close to the G-zone, where all the theatres, hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars are located.


Spanish Program The school offers intensive Spanish courses, which are ruled by both the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), as well as the Common European Framework of references for languages (CEF) guidelines.

The school offers six different levels. On the first day, you will take a placement exam to evaluate your Spanish skills and will be placed in a class according to your level. Furthermore, the teacher will evaluate you every two weeks. The school emphasizes a communicative approach of Spanish learning. Course materials are handed out during classes and include exercises for pronunciation, grammar, speaking, writing and reading. The professors have a passion for teaching and have much experience in teaching Spanish.

The school offers several courses you may choose from:

  • Standard group course
    Includes 20 hours of lessons per week: 15 hours of Spanish classes, 5 hours of cultural activities.
  • Intensive group course
    Includes 25 hours of lessons per week: 20 hours of Spanish classes, 5 hours of cultural activities.
  • Special courses
    Spanish for business, Medical Spanish
  • Private course

Most courses include cooking or dancing classes and a few hours of tutorials, where students can discuss specific issues.


accommodation The school offers the option to live with a local host family. You will share your daily life with Spanish speaking people, which is a great opportunity to practice your Spanish. Breakfast and dinners are included in homestays. Your clothes will be washed once a week, and there are also washing machines available for you to use yourself if needed. Host families are screened carefully by the school. On the first day of class, all students will be picked up from their accommodation to be brought to the school.


activities The school offers a variety of interesting recreational and cultural activities to help you practice your Spanish. Cultural, social and sports activities include:

  • Visits to museums
  • Visits to beaches
  • Dinner out in a restaurant
  • A walk through a nature park
  • A concert


Bogota Colombia is located in the northwest corner of South America. The country has a very rich history, including pre-Hispanic ruins, many of which lie in a close radius to the capital. The country has 34 national parks and a growing number of natural reserves. These parks and reserves provide a variety of activities, ranging from mountain biking and climbing in the Andes to fishing and bird watching in the Amazon. The Caribbean coast is perfect for water sports and is characterized by modern beach resorts.

Bogotá is the capital and contains 8 million people, making it the biggest city in Colombia. Throughout the city, you will find amazing colonial architecture, but also modern buildings. The city has over 50 museums, including the National Museum, the Gold Museum, the Silva poetry house, the Botero Museum and many more. In the countryside, you will find the Guatavita Lagoon, where the Dorado is located. The city is also home to the salt cathedral of Zipaquira, the Neusa Lake and many good restaurants.


Excursions The school offers a variety of excursions throughout Bogotá and the surrounding region. Excursions include:

  • A visit to beautiful Guatavita Lake, located in the Andes. Ritual ceremonies of worship to the sun used to take place on this lake, which were performed by the native inhabitants. Furthermore, the legend of El Dorado came from here.
  • A visit to Ráquira, a small town in the Andes.
  • A bicycle tour through the entire city.


volunteer program The Spanish school offers a variety of volunteering projects in Colombia. The school has volunteering opportunities in hospitals, orphanages, universities and charities. The volunteering projects are meant for people who not only want to learn Spanish, but also want to help people in need. A volunteering program generally includes 20 hours of Spanish lessons, 5 hours of activities and 6 to 12 hours of volunteering at a project. The minimum time to volunteer is 4 weeks.

When interested in a volunteer program in Bogotá, it is necessary to send a letter expressing your specific interest in a project and a copy of your resume.


  • Bogotá is a beautiful city to explore, rich in culture and history
  • The school is located in one of the most traditional neighbourhoods of Bogotá, Quinta Camacho; it is also situated very close to the city centre and is in one of the most popular parts of the capital
  • The school offers consistent assistance and support to all students

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