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Spanish School in Medellin, COLOMBIA


Students in Our spanish school in Medellin, Colombia If you are looking to learn Spanish while exploring Colombia, we recommend this Spanish school in Medelín. The school offers Spanish courses to students, families and executives. The school also offers specific courses, such as business Spanish and medical Spanish. The language school is located in a neighborhood called Las Lomas, which is a nice, hilly area of town that is part of El Poblado. The school is located 10 minutes away from Parque Lleras, which is the city’s main nightlife area and is full of restaurants, bars and clubs.

The school offers 5 bright and modern classrooms, a common area with computers and a kitchen area where cooking classes are sometimes offered. The school also has a garden with a small swimming pool, and the student residence is located in the same building. There is Wi-Fi throughout the whole building and there also is a lovely park located just in front of the school.


Students in spanish class, Medellin Colombia The school teaches intensive Spanish courses, focusing on the interests of the students. The courses are approved by both the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), as well as the Common European Framework of references for languages (CEF) guidelines.

The school offers six different levels of classes. On the first day, you will be given a placement test to evaluate your Spanish so that the school can place you in a class according to your level. Furthermore, the teacher will evaluate you every two weeks. The maximum amount of students per class is 8, but generally there are 3 to 4 students per class.

The school offers several courses you may choose from.
  • A standard group course:
    Includes 15 hours of lessons and 5 hours of cultural activities; enables the students to get to know the Colombian culture and history.
  • An intensive group course:
    Includes 20 hours of lessons and 5 hours of cultural activities.
  • A private course:
    Adapted to your personal goals and needs.

The teachers are well prepared and have much experience teaching Spanish.


The school offers different options for accommodation in Medelín: the student residence or a homestay family. The student residence is located in the same building as the school. There is a single room with a shared bathroom and a shared room (maximum of 4 students) with its own bathroom. If you prefer to eliminate travel time from your housing and the school, this is the perfect option for you. If you choose a homestay, you will be living with a Colombian host family, which means that you will share your daily life with Spanish speaking people. This is a great way to learn and practice your Spanish! Breakfast and dinner are both included, and you will be picked up from your homestay family on the first day of class. There is also a washing machine available and your clothes will be washed once a week. Homestays are chosen carefully to ensure that you have a comfortable and inviting experience.


Our students in an activities in Medellin, Colombia The school offers a variety of recreational and cultural activities. These activities will help you practice Spanish, get to know the Colombian culture and have fun with other students. The activities include:

  • Visits to museums;
  • Visits to beaches;
  • Walks through natural parks;
  • Sightseeing tours;
  • Visits to concerts;
  • Dinners at restaurants;
  • Walks through nature.


Medellin city, Colombia Colombia is located in the northwest corner of South America. It has been used as a traveling route by old civilizations that migrated between the Americas. The country has a very rich legacy, which includes the many pre-Hispanic ruins. Colombia has 34 natural parks and a growing number of nature reserves. Furthermore, the northern coast offers perfect conditions for exciting water sports and is well-known for its many modern beach resorts.

The beautiful town of Medelín, which contains approximately 3 million inhabitants, is situated in a deep valley and is surrounded by beautiful mountains. The city is also known as ´´the mountain’s capital´´ or ´´the city of eternal spring.´´ Boasting a warm climate, the people of Medelín have converted it into an amazing array of botanical gardens. Medelín is a medium-sized town where all the prime sites are situated very close to each other, linked by the bus and metro systems.


Medellin city, Colombia The school offers a variety of excursions in Medelín and the surrounding region. Excursions include:

  • A visit to the National Coffee Park, a theme park that is unmatched in Latin America.
  • An excursion to the colorful markets in the town.


Our students in an activities in Medellin, Colombia With our volunteer program in Medelín, you have the opportunity to pair a Spanish course with volunteer work at a hospital, orphanage, University or charity organization. This program is (mainly) for professionals who not only want to learn Spanish, but also want to dive into the culture and help people in need. The course includes 32 hours per week, with 15 hours of Spanish, 12 hours of volunteering and 5 hours of activities. Ask us about the different volunteering options in Colombia.


  • The school’s building is located in the high-end part of Medelín.
  • Medelín is a modern, vibrant city with a wide range of cultural and social activities.
  • The school offers full assistance and permanent support to all students.
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