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Spanish School in Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA


School Description Buenos Aires is an exciting place to learn Spanish. This school is situated in the city centre, in Barolo Palace, close to many interesting places, like the Pink House and the Obelisc. Besides the Spanish classes, there are many activities at the school that are great for practicing all of the Spanish that you have learned in class. The activities are also an effective way to learn more about the Argentinean culture.And if you are looking for an extra challenge, choose one of the many volunteer projects in Buenos Aires to really get to know Argentineans. Additionally, if you want to see more of the country’s beauty, you can book one of the many exciting excursions in Buenos Aires that are offered at the school. It is also possible to study in the countryside, in Pampas. This is a colonial ranch surrounded by horses and cattle. Enjoy typical Argentinean dishes and horseback riding after Spanish classes.


Spanish Program The methods that are used at the Spanish school in Buenos Aires are very interactive and innovative. Before starting Spanish classes, you will have to take a placement test to determine your Spanish language level. You can take Spanish classes in a group or as an individual, depending on your preference. The group classes consist of a maximum of 8 students; they are a fun way to learn about the cultures of other students and share experiences with each other. The Spanish classes are in the morning or afternoon, from Monday to Friday for 4 hours a day, and that includes a small break after 2 hours. There are also private classes for those who want more personal attention, have limited time or need to learn specific Spanish. The school also offers special courses, for example Medical Spanish, Spanish for kids and Spanish for families.


Accommodation We offer several types of accommodation in Buenos Aires, and these options can be combined. The school offers an off-campus accommodation where you stay with other students. All the student apartments in Buenos Aires are situated within a maximum of 30 minutes from the school, in the areas of Palermo, Belgrano and Recoleta. There are both shared and private rooms. If you prefer to get to know the Argentinean culture on a more personal level, you have the option to stay with an Argentinean host family. In this way, you will live with the locals and you will be able to practice and improve your Spanish level. Argentinean host families are situated between 20 and 40 minutes from the school. Two meals a day are included during the week and only breakfast is provided on the weekends.


Activities Besides the Spanish classes, there are lots of activities to do in this exciting city that will help you learn about the Argentinean culture and practice your Spanish skills. Want to explore the city? Take a tour through the neighbourhoods. Want to know how to prepare a typical Argentinean dish? Participate in the Argentinean cooking class. Are you excited to dance? Sign up for the tango classes. Want to relax? Watch a movie at the Latin American Cinema.


Buenos Aires Argentina is the second largest country in South America. The climate is very diverse: subtropical in the north and sub polar in the south. In Argentina you will find a large mix of cultures, since so many people have emigrated from Europe, far eastern countries and other South American countries. This has resulted in an interesting combination of food, music and many other things.

Buenos Aires has many wide, tree-lined avenues and is also known as the ‘Paris of South America,’ where you will find the sophistication of Europe. There are lots of bars, parks, restaurants, shops and many other interesting places to visit in the city. The city also offers a great nightlife for the ones who like to dance or go out for a drink.


There are many options for excursions for you to choose from, depending on the amount of time you have. Please contact the staff at the school for further information to help you choose one of the excursions in Buenos Aires. Here are some options:

  • Tigre and the Parana Delta: hundreds of islands that constitute the Parana River Delta.
  • Tango Show: live bands playing classic tangos.
  • City Tour Buenos Aires: San Telmo, la Boca, Puerto Madero and Recoleta and Palermo.
  • Estancia Tours. Visit a ranch with a traditional country “asado” (BBQ).

The markets in the city are also a nice option for Sunday afternoons. Here you can buy hand-made jewellery, wool crafts, traditional clothes and homemade products, always accompanied by the locals and live music.


volunter The school offers a diverse range of volunteer projects at locations that are spread throughout the city. Participating in the volunteer program in Buenos Aires will give you a closer look at the Argentinean culture by getting to know the local people and their way of thinking. It will also give you the opportunity to contribute to those people who need it. There are projects in the fields of social work, education, ecology, tourism, catering and cultural work. Participating in a volunteer program in Buenos Aires is also a great way to improve your Spanish skills. Furthermore, if you are a university student or a professional who wants to do an internship in Buenos Aires, ask the school for more information about the program.


  • Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is a great place to learn Spanish while experiencing the Argentinean culture. It is an amazing city; you will not be bored in Buenos Aires!
  • The school has a prime location in the city centre. It is close to a lot of interesting places, like the Obelisc, Palermo and the Cemetery of Recoleta.
  • The school offers the option to stay with an Argentinean host family.
  • The school uses interactive, communicative and personal teaching methods that will help you to improve your knowledge of the Spanish language quickly.
  • The school offers a broad range of cultural activities to learn more about the Argentinean culture.
  • There is the possibility to participate in the internship program and expand your professional career.
  • Our school also has an interesting Volunteer Program in Buenos Aires, which offers our students the opportunity to contribute to Argentinean society and to help bridge the gap between foreign visitors and native “porteños”.
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