Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world due to the number of speakers who claim it as their native tongue (after Mandarin Chinese). It is spoken as a first and second language amongst 450 and 500 million people. It is the third most spoken language as a first or second language after Mandarin Chinese and English combined, and is the mother tongue to 400 million people worldwide... Read more


The Spanish Language

The Spanish or Castellano language is a romance language from the group Iberico. It is one of the six official languages of the United Nation Organization. Spanish derived from Latin, spoken in the ancient Roman Empire of the centuries before Christ..

Spanish originated as a dialect of Latin in the zones “limitrofes” between Cantabria, Burgos, Alava, and la Rioja—provinces of northern Spain, converting to the principal popular language of the King of Castilla (the official language having been Latin). At first the original name was idioma castellano referring to the geographic zone of where it originated.

During the Roman period, Latin appeared in two social classes, for one part Latin was spoken amongst merchants, agriculturalists, and within villages in general. The other was spoken amongst philosophers, professors, clergy members, and writers, using the cultured way. From Latin came sister languages such as Castellano, Portuguese, Catalan, French, Provenzal, Italian, Sardo, and Romanian. The dialects of Castellano and Andaluz followed in the Iberica Peninsula (Spain) during the middle ages.

The beginning of modern Spanish coincides more or less with the Spanish conquest in the land of the Moors, that which was completed for Isabel of Castilla and Fernando or Aragon.

With the conquest of America, which was a personal possession of the monarchy of Castilla, the Spanish language extended to all of the continent from California to Tierra del Fuego.

The use of Castellano was further expanded as well as enriched with the contribution of indigenous languages (including quechua, guarani, and nahuatl).

Finally Castellano became the greatest splendor of the XVI and XVII centuries. In France, Italy, and England dictionaries and grammar were edited to teach Spanish which was the diplomatic language after the middle of the XVII century.

In 1713, the Real Spanish Academy was founded, where the first work was to fix it and sanctioned the changes that the language had made within its speakers of the first centuries.
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