Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world due to the number of speakers who claim it as their native tongue (after Mandarin Chinese). It is spoken as a first and second language amongst 450 and 500 million people. It is the third most spoken language as a first or second language after Mandarin Chinese and English combined, and is the mother tongue to 400 million people worldwide... Read more


Spanish Schools in PANAMA

SPANISH SCHOOL IN  PANAMA CITY Panama City is not only a great city, but a central point from where you can visit many amazing spots throughout Panama and other countries in Central America as well. The Spanish school is conveniently located on the bottom of the Cerro Ancón hill, close to all airports and the Albrook Mall. The Ancón hill is a beautiful park that contains a lush and verdant forest. The park provides habitat for many different animal species such as birds, monkeys, sloths, deer and many different kinds of frogs. On top of the hill, you will have spectacular views of the city, the canal and the Caribbean Sea.
SPANISH SCHOOL IN  BOCAS DEL TORO Bocas del Toro is a relaxed Caribbean Island town in the fantastic country of Panama. Bocas del Toro is located on the beautiful Isla Colón, which is named after Christopher Columbus. There is an authentic, laidback Caribbean vibe throughout the town and you can find fun hostels, great restaurants, useful tour operators, a bank, Internet cafes, shops and an airport here. The Spanish school in Bocas del Toro is conveniently located in the center of town behind the Main Street. This school also offers you plenty of outdoor activities such as kayaking, surfing or biking.
SPANISH SCHOOL IN  BOQUETE This Spanish school is located in Boquete, a charming Panamanian town known for its scenic location and ecotourism. The school is about 5 km away from the town center in a tranquil neighborhood. At break time, you can enjoy a freshly squeezed orange juice or a slice of fruit, as classes are held outside in the beautiful tropical garden with pineapple plants, orange trees, and lemon trees! This is a great spot to study Spanish, to relax with a book or simply enjoy the views of the nearby Barú Volcano. In your free time, you can go for a walk through the cloud forests or go hiking to the top of the volcano. For coffee lovers, this might be a dream destination, as Boquete is.
SPANISH SCHOOL IN  TRAVELING CLASSROOMTraveling Classroom Panama and Costa Rica Combine the best of Panama and Costa Rica in our four week Traveling Classroom program for learning Spanish. During this Spanish immersion program, you will travel to Panama City, Boquete and Bocas del Toro in Panama, and Turrialba in Costa Rica. This unique Spanish course is the perfect blend of studying Spanish, traveling, and enjoying adventurous tours in Costa Rica y Panama. Together with fellow students, you will share your experiences and have lots of fun, while exploring the highlights of each location! Starting off in the modern Panama City, you will enjoy one week of Spanish classes and cultural activities, as well as tours to Casco Viejo.
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