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Reviews Spanish Schools

Reviews Spanish Schools

Review Valle Sagrado

My name is Christopher and I have been attending Spanish classes in Peru for four weeks. One week I spent at the campus in the Sacred Valley, at the Peruvian countryside. It was so nice to get out of the city of Cusco for a while. With a small group of students we were living together with the teachers, we got really close and we had the opportunity to hike in nature, to expore the valley and more. The food was really tasty. My Spanish skills improved a lot. I would definitely recommend this Spanish course to other students. You will see more of Peru. I was really happly surprised, it was a great thing that the school offered this opportunity to learn Spanish at the Peruvian countryside.

Christopher - United States of America
Review Valle Sagrado

I really enjoyed my time here in Peru, especially in the Sacred Valley nearby Cusco. I think it so great, the opportunity that the school provides to go there and do part of your Spanish program there. I liked the way of teaching and the teachers are great, always willing to explain. The surroundings were amazing, the food great.

Judith - Netherlands
Review Valle Sagrado

I have stayed at this school for 6 weeks and I really enjoyed by time here. AMAUTA offers Spanish classes in small groups from 2 to 6 students or private lessons. We had a lot of fun, we listed in South American music and discussed also more serious issues. I learned a lot about Peruvian culture.
One week I went to the Sacred Valley and I can truly recommend this program to everybody in Cusco who stays in Cusco for more than a week. You live in a small village with your fellow students and the teachers! Normally the weather is warmer and it is the perfect opportunity to see more ruins and other beautiful sites in Cusco. As it is a small group you also get to know the other Spanish students better and get a closer as a group.

Katrin Baumgartner - Australia
Review Tambopata

I participated in the Spanish in the Rainforest program and I really loved it. There were so many activities like hikes, a visit to the Sandoval Lake, and monkey island. We also did a Canopy Zip line, night walks and much more. We had four hours of Spanish classes and slept in a jungle lodge. It is a truly unique program, if you have the opportunity to go, I strongly recommend it to everybody.

Suzanne - Netherlands
Review Santiago de Cuba

The Casa that I stayed at in Cuba could not have been better suited for me - it was great. All the Spanish teachers were so nice, and the students and teachers got along well. I have even more life-long friends there now! It was such an amazing experience with wonderful people in a beautiful city - Santiago de Cuba. Keep up the great work and thanks for the opportunity to do something so unique and inspiring!

Stephanie Charette - Canada
Review Puerto Vallarta

My experience with my host family in Playa Tamarindo was unbelievably wonderful. My family was loving, the food was great, and the local community embraced us. Be forewarned that none of the accommodations is luxurious. Almost none of the host families have air conditioning, and despite fans, the homes can be hot. Also, many families leave their windows and doors open for better ventilation. Consequently, there are plenty of ants and lizards about. I recommend high maintenance people to seek a hotel.
What I appreciated most about the school in Playa Tamarindo was its owner, Hugh. I was impressed by how enthusiastic Hugh is. He is open to feedback and always looking to improve the experiences of the students. When I had questions about condos in town, he took my family all over Tamarindo and Langosta to show me the various residents throughout. It is this personal touch that will keep me coming back!

Armin L. - Canada
Review Santiago de Cuba

I want to thank you for this unforgettable experience! Santiago de Cuba is a wonderful place; it has the beauty of Trinidad and the power of Havana. Just enough of each to make it the most beautiful city in Cuba. The people of Cuba are very friendly and open. I lived and experienced the ordinary Cuban lifestyle, and it was unbelievably special. I am certainly going back soon!

Caroline Maas - Netherlands
Review La Paz

This past week, I decided to take Spanish lessons at this school in La Paz. The communication via email before the week organising the Spanish classes was excellent, & I signed up for 4 hours each morning. Our teacher Lucia was very patient with us, and she adapted the lessons to what we (2 people in the class) wanted to learn. There was a good mix of speaking & listening practice, as well as written grammar. Excellent value & the school is in a great location in the centre of La Paz.
The school also offer a homestay option, which I decided to take. Again, this was excellent value & a good way to practice the Spanish outside of classes & get to know more about life in La Paz. If I could, I would have booked another week at both the school & the homestay as I feel both were positive experiences. Thank you very much!

Dewy - United Kingdom
Review La Paz

I booked a one-week long 4 hours/ day class in Bolivia. Together with another traveller, we shared one teacher in a two students’ class, that was just a really good blend of conversation and specific grammar/vocabulary that catered to our level. Lucia is an excellent teacher with a talent for both pinpointing helpful lessons that met our needs (I had some "aha" moments) and storytelling that had us laughing - all in Spanish. The week was not only constructive - it became a nice routine of friendly fun mornings, and then I would explore La Paz in the afternoons. Loida also is excellent and so helpful. I highly recommend this school because of teachers like Lucia and Loida - very personal, friendly and professional.

Pacifica - United States of America
Review Montanita

My partner and I have just finished two weeks of intensive Spanish lessons for beginners at this Spanish School in Montañita. The fast pace of learning allows you to gain an abundance of information in a short period. We have come away with a better knowledge of Spanish. The staff went above and beyond in every aspect, always willing to help. The after-class activities were also great; we took salsa lessons for a week, which we thoroughly enjoyed. I think we will be back to continue my studies in the future. Already missing Montañita and all the friends we met while there.

Wanderlust - Australia
Review Montanita

Four weeks of Spanish lessons were amazing! The lessons were always in small groups, very personal, and I had the most fun with all the teachers! The system of having 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours of practising your speaking skills in the afternoon worked perfectly for me. The classrooms are also super nice, some outside or with a spectacular view of Montañita, the teachers make you feel so at ease. Besides Spanish classes, the school also offers fun extra-activities, like yoga, salsa classes, soccer on the beach, bonfire parties on the beach and much more. And they let you combine your surfing lessons perfectly with your Spanish classes. If you’re wondering where to go to learn Spanish in South America, this is the place to go! It was so amazing and helpful for the rest of my travels in Ecuador and in other countries.

Peter M - United States of America
Review Montanita

Amazing school with amazing people!! I learned Spanish here for 12 weeks, and I think I’m basically fluent at this point:) Great energy and an amazing way of teaching. Making you feel at home even though you probably will be very far away from your own. Be sure to take the surfing lessons if you want to learn how to surf! I took five weeks and will hopefully buy a board soon in Costa Rica (my next destination). If you want sun, surf and great people, this Spanish School is the place for you!

Saskia Flanders - Netherlands
Review Oaxaca

I had a very positive experience in learning Spanish in Oaxaca! In addition to the Spanish grammar and conversation classes, I enjoyed the other activities offered by the school. The classes focused on conversation practice - which is really what I - then had sections of grammar as well, which was invaluable to my work here. The staff is nice, and they all have a sense of humour too! I really enjoyed my time, and I will continue to participate in the activities.

Durian - United States of America
Review Oaxaca

I have never taken classes in Spanish before. Therefore I am very happy with my current progress. My fluency in the language has benefitted primarily from the discursive style of teaching. So, for me, conversation classes which accompanied the grammar and the books were the best component of my Spanish immersion in Mexico. I also really appreciate the accessibility, helpfulness, and sense of humour of the staff and teachers. A must is participating in the dance classes, and the supervised excursions and tours. Overall, very happy!

Review Playa Carmen

I loved this school and our teacher, Danielle. I was in Playa for two months this winter while doing a scuba IDC program. There were only two weeks left after the IDC, and I wanted to improve my high school level Spanish. I tried another local Spanish school in Playa for just one week, and it was not very focused. Once I arrived here, it was great. It is set up to be relaxed but focused, and the facilities are amazing. Even though it is a bit more expensive than the other Playa Spanish schools, in my experience, it is truly worth it, and I look forward to coming back to learn more!

Jim P
Review Playa Carmen

Great! I was here for three weeks and had two different Spanish teachers, who were both amazing. I learned a lot. De school and campus are beautiful. You get a connection with other students quickly. The recreative activities they offer are absolutely an advantage and great. I lived with a host family for three weeks, and everything was well arranged. I will be back soon.

Kramer Seinfeld
Review Puerto Vallarta

In the summer of 2018, together with a friend, I did a 6-week Spanish course at the Spanish Center in Puerto Vallarta. My conclusion to the 6-week course is very positive. This school offers much more than I expected. These are professionally trained teachers, who ensure a maximum of learning success through precise learning strategies that are adapted for their students. Especially the passion of the teachers to teach their students the Spanish language was fascinating for me. Every day I had the absolute anticipation of the lessons, and in the end, I made extraordinary progress. I increased my Spanish level from the end of A1 / beginning A2 to B1. This school is characterised by absolute professionalism, individual learning strategies, many years of experience, precise organisation, and above all, the personal passion for really teaching the language to the students. I can recommend the school with absolutely the best.

Michael Kauffman - United States of America
Review Puerto Vallarta

I was in Mexico, and I took private Spanish classes at this wonderful school for two weeks in March of 2019. What a wonderful experience! I loved the building and location, teachers, staff and fellow students. I highly recommend this school! They also offer a Mexican cooking class once a week, which is super fun!

Armin L. - Canada
Review Playa Tamarindo

I just returned from a three-week vacation in Costa Rica with my sister and nine-year-old daughter. I attended your Spanish classes in Playa Tamarindo for two weeks; I lived with a family in neighbouring Villareal and spent my third week in Luna Llena.
The school's location is unquestionably the best in Tamarindo. It is the only school located on the beach which - despite providing distractingly beautiful scenery- puts the students right in the centre of everything, including coffee shops, restaurants, shops, and great surfing. The instruction is great. I am a high-intermediate speaker, and I was surprised at how accurate the school was in placing me in a class that addressed my lingual shortcomings.
My daughter attended the Spanish camp and classes. She loved the camp, which offered wonderful activities, but my daughter did not learn much Spanish during the camp, as she primarily spoke with the other American children. However, the classes were much more effective in improving her Spanish.

Kay Pind - United States of America
Review Santiago

The staff and teachers I had a contact at the school in Chile with were kind and friendly. The pace can be fast, but I re-took the weeks I felt I needed to. As students, we will learn according to how much study time we put in too!! They support you outside of the classroom too. One administrator realised I was not clicking with one aspect of grammar and took time out to explain it to me until I understood.
Free extracurricular stuff too - movies on Monday, visit a museum on Wednesdays and salsa on Thursdays. Also intercultural language exchange on Friday evening. They offered weekend activities via a travel agency (at extra cost) which took the hassle away from having to search me.

Review Santiago

I would recommend this institute to anyone interested in learning this beautiful language. A very good place to start when you want to learn Spanish. I went from practically not speaking Spanish, to fluent within five months. The teachers are very knowledgeable about the Spanish language and are very pleasant to be around.

Olivier Bliek
Review Santo Domingo

The service provided before the start of the program was really great and very attending. The teachers of the school are very good, and I liked the study material uses for classes. All in all, I enjoyed the people and the culture of Santo Domingo; it is a very nice place to study Spanish.

Hanna Asmusson - Germany
Review Santo Domingo

My favourite place with my favourite people! All the professors are amazing. I learned so much in a short amount of time. The best part was meeting people from all over the world and making lifelong friends. We all enjoyed the group activities including museums, local historical sites, trying traditional cuisine of the Dominican Republic, and of course the nightlife! I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an adventure and to learn a lot along the way. My program was three weeks, and I went from having the basic knowledge to being able to translate and speak with more fluently and confidently. The school is in a very safe area with one of the largest universities across the street. It is close to the ocean boardwalk and easy to get around to local bars, restaurants, and the colonial zone.

Lana Haider
Review Sosua

I spent two weeks at the Spanish School in Sosua and had a great time!! The Spanish class was very well organised with an amazing teacher. I learned a lot because my teacher looked at my individual needs, and we had a perfect combination of conversation and grammar. Besides the class in the morning, there is a diverse program for the afternoon and at the weekends. I, e.g. went surfing, had a great horseback-riding trip, a Dominican sancocho at the school, a very interesting Puerto Plata city tour - all with the school facilitator as a private guide. The school is located 2 minutes walking distance to the beach! I highly recommend this institute and plan to come back one day!

Nele Pohl
Review Sosua

With a happy heart and a smile on my lips, I look back to the unforgettable time that I spent learning Spanish in Sosua, First, as a student, when I experienced the professionally structured Spanish courses with lots of time for fun. The classes are held in small groups and adapted to different levels. The accommodation is spacious, cosy and in the tropical garden or on one of the school terraces you meet other students from all over the world. I made friends for life, discovered the Dominican Republic and the culture through the many school activities and studied Spanish at the same time. After three years, I returned as an intern and was welcomed with open arms. I enjoyed working with the amazing staff as well as living in the diverse Dominican Republic; Dancing, surfing, horseback riding, beaches, mountains, music, culture! I’ve already been there twice; I am sure there’ll be a third time. Thank you, Sosua!

Alexandra Mathys
Review Sucre

When I arrived in Bolivia the only thing I could say was “Me llamo Hanna”, but after two intense weeks of lessons in Sucre, I am doing so much better. I can understand and talk a lot, which also will help me in the rest of my trip in Latin America, thanks to my amazing teacher Juan. It has been great.

Hanna Lonroos - Finland
Review Sucre

When I came to the Spanish school in Sucre, my expectations were low, but I did two weeks of classes and learnt so much. Now I can speak the language and have easier communication with the locals.

Hayley Cohen - United States of America
Review Cusco

I took four weeks of Spanish classes in Cusco and am happy to say that I improved my Spanish a lot! The teachers knew how to make it interesting, and we even visited the chocolate museum! The classes are very practical, and there was a lot of personal attention as we were in a class with only four students. I also lived in the student residence of the school and this experience was just a good as the classes. I had a nice roommate and grew fond of each other. And yes, we had warm showers. I would certainly recommend this school to anyone.

Renate Heida
Review Cusco

There are lots of Spanish schools in Cusco, but no school here is like this Spanish School. When I first arrived here, I was welcomed by Sarah, the volunteering coordinator, who gave us a short introduction about how things work here at the school so we instantly would know where to go for our first lessons of Spanish or where we would find spoons for the obligatory coca-tea. After six weeks of living with a host family in Peru, I moved to the apartments of the school -very nice and clean rooms and I was feeling safe and at home here. All the staff members, both the teachers and the office staff and the housekeeping, are extremely nice and would help you with anything!
The best thing about the school: you meet so many new people who will become good friends to you. I was given the opportunity to made friends with people from the Netherlands, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Canada, France, etc. so all in all I really can recommend this Spanish school because I enjoyed staying with them and learning Spanish and you will get help if you need it!

Hendrik Schmid - Belgium
Review Cusco

Hola Chicos! Soy Davide and soy de Switzerland. Three weeks ago, I came to Cusco to study Spanish at this school. The main reason I came to Peru was to get to know my mother´s native culture and language! It was always a dream of mine to spend more time in this wonderful country and to do so in an enriching way. Because of this, not only do I study Spanish, but I also started volunteering in Cusco at a local dog shelter.
It has been great seeing my Spanish improve the way it has. My mother always spoke to me from a young age, so I did not have too much trouble understanding, but my speaking has dramatically improved over this short period. Much of this is because of the teaching methodology, which is very conversation-focused. Whatever grammar points my fellow students or I lack we are sure to review, but we do so in a way that helps us to use it practically. We then typically go out on cultural field trips through the city and practice it first-hand with local people from Cusco.
I did not know that my mother´s homeland was so close to so many natural treasures! I recently took trips to Lake Titicaca, and Rainbow Mountain and both were stunning and radically different. Every week I can study Spanish, work at the dog shelter and learn about Peruvian culture and then see an amazing piece of the local landscape, and sometimes all of these things happen at once! I cannot recommend this Spanish school enough and hope that my fellow Swiss, as well as people from all over the world, come to enjoy the wonderful school and the city of Cusco.

David - Switzerland
Review Cusco

¡Buenos Dias! Soy Valquiria y soy de Brasil! I´ve been attending this Spanish School in Cusco for the past month and have loved every second of it. I had studied Spanish for one year in Sao Paulo, but I felt like I needed to be exposed to a Spanish-speaking culture, as well as different teaching styles. That’s why I came to this school. One of the major reasons that my Spanish has improved so much over this month is because I had different teachers during my time here; this helped to keep the classes fresh and exciting!
Culturally, it was eye-opening and moving to see how passionate all of the teachers were about their culture! In Brasil, we don´t discuss much of our pre-Colombian history, but here in Cusco, it is an essential part of the identity of the Peruvian people. Each field trip to the museums or temples was interesting. Even the class where we learned to make the famous drink Pisco Sour became a class that helped me improve my use of the subjunctive!
My experience here in Peru has been one of the best of my life, and I cannot recommend it enough. Make sure to explore the city and the surroundings, it’s amazing. Here you see one my favourite place here: the majestic Lago Humantay!

Valquiria - Brazil
Review Lima

If I need to summarize my stay in Lima in one word, it would be: great! The pick-up from Lima airport and transfer to my accommodation was perfectly arranged; my guest family in Lima was wonderful; the Spanish school in Lima was perfect. Even though I did not speak a word of Spanish yet, all went well, and I never felt insecure or alone at any time in Lima. The Spanish course was really intensive, and the teachers were so friendly and nice, yet also very constructive and challenging in their teaching, which was great! Next year I would love to travel to Peru again, and then perhaps take Spanish classes in Cusco. In the meantime, I would like to thank you for your kind help regarding my trip to Lima and for the impressions.

Henner Becker - Andorra
Review Lima

First of all, I would like to extend my gratitude for all your assistance in preparing for my stay in Lima, Peru. I really liked the school in Lima. The teachers are very knowledgeable and competent. They helped me to learn and provided for a friendly atmosphere. One teacher, Andre, is extremely organized and his drive to make me speak Spanish was exceptional.
I lived with a family in Surco, which I enjoyed very much. They were very hospitable and social, and invited me to activities over the weekend and presented me to their friends. This was a great way to form part of the Peruvian way of life, something I value a lot. I am very thankful to them and therefore can highly recommend them to other students.

Dietmar Haendit
Review Galapagos

I LOVED my Spanish lessons in Ecuador! The Spanish teachers are really good! I felt as if we hit it off, and I'm looking forward to going back! I was in the Galapagos Islands for two and a half months and booked two weeks of classes, two hours a day. I completed my Spanish course and am astonished about the progress I have made starting as an advanced beginner. The textbook we used was very clear and easy to understand, thus facilitating my Spanish acquisition. Also, the instructor was extremely knowledgeable and was able to present the necessary grammar structures in an efficient and easy to understand way. As a teacher of English, I know when teaching is good, and I can say without qualification that my instructor was excellent. I am overjoyed with the results after just two weeks.

Karen Ekman-Baur - United States of America
Review Galapagos

I had a great time at the school in San Cristobal on the Galapagos islands. My Spanish teacher was a terrific teacher, and I will certainly recommend the Spanish school in Ecuador to my companions. My host family on the Galapagos islands was extremely accommodating and friendly.

Sheila Foster - United States of America
Review Havana

For me, Cuba is the number one spot to visit. I've been in Europe, worked at various places in the Middle East and a few places in Latin America but, Havana is truly unique. It's almost like going back in time. There is a lot to do and see in Cuba. From taking Spanish and Salsa lessons to visiting the world’s best Cuban tobacco fields in Pin del Rio. You won't be disappointed. I was here for three weeks, and that was still not enough time to see and do everything.

Brandon Martins - United States of America
Review Guatemala Antigua

We had the pleasure of studying Spanish in Guatemala for four weeks. As a beginner, I was impressed by how much Spanish I had already acquired by the second day! Teachers were knowledgeable, kind and professional. My host family was friendly and patiently helpful in my education outside the classroom. Antigua is a friendly town with a lot of things to do and see. I couldn't have asked for a better experience and look forward to returning in the future. It has helped to ignite a love for the language and the people of Guatemala.

KS Qasey
Review Guatemala Antigua

I had an amazing time at this Spanish School! The school made me feel right at home from the start, and the teaching was incredible. I learnt a great level of Spanish, from a complete beginner to being able to communicate on my travels around Latin America. Antigua is a fantastic place to study; the school offers numerous after class activities which encourage and help you explore Antigua and Guatemala as a whole. The facilities were of an extremely high level and so clean! Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience during my time studying in Guatemala.

James Martin
Review Puerto Viejo

I didn’t take many lessons here, but I loved the hostel of the school. It is a great place in a lovely garden. Great atmosphere in a cosy building. The whole hostel seems like one big family or a shared flat with friends. Very spacious kitchen with a lot of spices you can use. So cooking was a pleasure. It was rainy all the time when we were in Puerto Viejo, thanks to this friendly, homey hostel we still had a great time and made some good friends. Highly recommended and surely I’m going to stay here myself again, when around. Thanks a lot, and see you soon.

Anonymous - Switzerland
Review Puerto Viejo

The teacher taught me a lot, not only about the Spanish language but also about the culture and history of Costa Rica. I was always welcome to hang out at the school, chill out in the hammock or join for the school's BBQ or organised trips. The people there were very nice. I would always come back!

Weazzle - Germany
Review Turrialba

Incredible friendly place. Fantastic people who help you finding your way in Costa Rica. In the days we stayed in Turrialba, we learned basic Spanish. They organise great workshops in the hostel in Turrialba. We loved making chocolate.

Review Turrialba

This was my first trip to Latin America. I was very nervous but after landing in San Jose and picked up by a member of the school "Spanish by the River" I knew everything would work out fine and the time will surprise me with all the wonderful things Costa Rica and Panama have to offer.
The owner of this hotel is Dutch, and she is such a nice and friendly lady, she gave me so much information about the country and where I can book the best trips and activities.
Altogether, I had the time of my life!!!! The hostel in this Spanish school is a very good choice and a great place to stay. Friendly, comfortable, and it gives you the feeling if you are at home!!
It is not expensive, and for the price you get quality, and you are lucky there is a monkey morning in your bedroom that says hello.

Ragnhild D
Review Bocas del Toro

I stayed here for four weeks. Spanish lessons, tours, hanging out with the staff and other backpackers, amazing place!! Bocas has it all: the relaxed atmosphere, great teachers (Patricio and Ofelina both taught me well and had loads of fun), friendly staff, and a great place to make friends and discover the Islands!! A great start for my trip to Central America. Thanks! Sweet Love, Bocas!!

Bart V - Netherlands
Review Bocas del Toro

I had the best time ever at the Spanish School in Bocas. I stayed there for five weeks to learn Spanish, and I enjoy it! The activities at the school are great. The staff is super friendly, and the teachers are amazing :-). I would definitely recommend this place!

Anja H - Germany
Review Bocas del Toro

Learning Spanish and living in Bocas was one of the best experiences of my life. The staff was excellent and went out of their way to accommodate us and make us feel welcome. We learned so much and had so much opportunity to speak Spanish. I loved living with a host family, and I highly recommend it. The cultural experience and the food are very excellent. The excursions were excellent and educational. The school was very organised and patient throughout the entire process. I highly recommend this school. You will love it!

Jamie Ledbetter - United States of America
Review Bocas del Toro

I really enjoyed my stay in Bocas (Panama), it’s the greatest location and school-hostel I every say. Great people, great vibes! Love the activities. Thank you, Pura Vida!

Maria Elena - United States of America
Review Boquete

Thank you so much for one of the most awesome weeks of our lives! We had so much fun, and we are certainly coming back when we have learned how to dance salsa! Also, thanks to Gaby, Tatiana and Adriana for teaching us Spanish in Panama; it means a lot! Hasta luego!

Matias, Peter, Simon and Sören
Review Boquete

The school in Boquete and Avelina have been a pleasure. I hope to return someday and speak fluent Spanish. Learning Spanish here has been a great experience for me. I have learned more than I expected too. I hope to return and continue my Spanish language education. Maribel and Avelina have been so helpful.

Patrick Busby - United States of America
Review Bogota

I studied in Bogotá for 16 weeks. This school offers more than Spanish lessons: it is a window into Colombian culture and its capital city, Bogotá. The teachers and staff are all so friendly and welcoming that lessons, though well-structured around grammar, comprehension and conversation, feel relaxed and inviting. When I arrived in Bogotá, I could only say the basics, and my comprehension was non-existent. The classes did not only gave the vocabulary and the grammar to communicate with people across Colombia, but they do it without making you feel discouraged, giving you the confidence to speak Spanish. Outside of the morning classes (8 am or 9am-12pm), the school's staff are busy finding exciting events, interesting museums, great sites or drunken sports (*cough* Tejo *cough*) for the students to enrol on (voluntarily) in the afternoons or weekends. Classes are the best way to pick up the rules of Spanish, but to truly practice and develop, while touring the city and its surroundings, these afternoon activities are the best way to improve and explore. I don't have a bad word to say. I thoroughly enjoyed my time, and my development with the Spanish language is a testament to the success of their professional but fun style. Everyone was knowledgeable and extremely friendly and welcoming, and I know I have made some firm friends for life with the relationships I have built there. Just remember to do your homework!

Dan Cross - United States of America
Review Bogota

I'm very happy to write about my experience at this Spanish School in Bogota. The Spanish program you have developed served me wonderfully, and I expect I will return. Two things made the program work especially well for me.

On the one hand, its flexibility made it possible for me to squeeze the most out of the limited time I had to spend. Rather than having to wait until the first of the month to start a fixed course, I was able to begin when I was available and, so, make the most use of my time. More important, though, than even the flexibility was the character of the staff. The careful attention the instructors paid to my specific needs helped my progress enormously. The fact that you and the teachers were interested in listening to what I wanted to say pushed me to speak much more than I would have in a less personal program.

Steven Werlin - United States of America
Review Cartagena

I studied for three weeks in Cartagena and had a great time. My host family wonderful, they were so nice and helpful. I recommend staying with a host family. It’s a good way to integrate into the life of Colombians and of course to practice your Spanish. Cartagena is beautiful, and the weather is always sunny, and there is a good nightlife. The people in Colombia are very friendly and open to contact. The school is close to the old city centre, and there are many restaurants around the school for lunch. In school, you will find students of all ages, and it’s easy to make contact.

Arthur Derksen - Netherlands
Review Medellin

My experience in Colombia, especially in Medellin was more than I ever imagined; it was one of the best investments I could have ever made. The professors were very accommodating to me and my schedule, especially if I had special interests. The classes were intensive, and I could learn with exceptional professors with 20 years of experience. I also had the opportunity to explore the cultural aspect of Medellin, which was very interesting, for example, the Botero Museum and The Planetarium. I've learned a tremendous amount, and if I had the time, I would love to stay and study more Spanish in Medellin. I would recommend this program to anyone; it is the best investment you could make and not only that, Colombia is one of the best places to learn the Spanish language. If you’re looking for a city, Medellin is the best place. The people are friendly and formal; the climate is perfect; you can feel safe here. Unfortunately, Medellin has a bad reputation in the news, but you need to experience it for yourself as I did. During my four months here, I have met a lot of great people here and will have these friends for a very long time.

Ray Fortuna - United States of America
Review Medellin

I stayed for two weeks in Medellin. In the mornings, I had Spanish group classes. The Spanish program in Medellin was given in very small classes, and there was an excellent learning atmosphere. In the afternoon, I attended private Spanish classes. The teacher was excellent, and I learned a lot. I think I made a big improvement with my Spanish. The accommodation in Medellin was good and the family very helpful. Overall, Medellin was a wonderful experience, and I would go there again, to la ciudad de la eterna primavera!

Tobias Gassner - Germany
Review Montevideo

This Spanish School offers to learn Spanish in Uruguay for a fair price. I came to Montevideo with zero Spanish, and after a month of Spanish classes with three great Spanish teachers, I can say that I made a lot of progress. There is also the possibility to live above the school! There are five rooms and shared bathrooms and showers. It was always a lot of fun living here, and I met great people! Thanks for letting me and Niki stay there! And thanks, of course, Juan, Virginia and Maribel!!

Oliver - New Zealand
Review Montevideo

Uruguay is a wonderful place to learn Spanish. I had a fantastic time when I first attended this school in Montevideo 8 years ago, and now, I'm back! The teachers here give you the personalised attention needed to learn a new language, and the school is located right in the middle of everything going on in the city. It's a few blocks from Parque Rodo, the beach and bars/museums. I highly recommend the school- my Spanish has improved immensely in the few months I've spent here. You don't just get immersed in the Spanish language, and the Uruguayan culture- it's an international community here at the school! I now have friends all over the world!

Dani - United States of America
Review Bariloche

I attended the Spanish school in Bariloche with my boyfriend. Originally, we wanted to stay for two weeks but extended for another week. We did not know any Spanish when we got here, but now we can communicate on a basic level. Afternoon activities were fun, and the coordinator was very flexible, trying to organise activities we wanted to do. I would recommend this Spanish school in Argentina!

Claudia Bings
Review Bariloche

A great Spanish learning experience!
I highly recommend the Spanish language school in Bariloche! I booked two weeks of Spanish classes and ultimately extended for a third week as I enjoyed it so much.
The director and her teachers are all very friendly, helpful and competent in what they are doing. Learning in small classes was a lot of fun, and I was very pleased with my Spanish progress. Additionally, to the great classes, the school offers fun afternoon activities, which I enjoyed as well.
And in your free time, there is enough to explore and to be amazed by the beautiful nature around Bariloche. I did a couple of day hikes at the weekends, and it was just brilliant. Bariloche is the perfect mix of studying Spanish and enjoying the Patagonian life!

Lutz McCandless
Review Buenos Aires

My experience at the Spanish school in Buenos Aires was excellent. I took a one-week course at beginner's level with classes four hours a day each day. My teachers Nathalia and Gulia were competent and professional and kept the classes interesting with the learning exercises such as practising a past tense form of verbs through the review of a South American rock song. They also maintained a strict 'Spanish only policy' in the classroom, which I feel is essential to learning a new language, and they were encouraging and supportive in applying this rule. I am very impressed with the progress that I made in my spoken Spanish after only four days of classes.

In addition to Spanish classes, the school also offers volunteer opportunities in Buenos Aires, as well as suggestions for tours. I highly recommend this school for anyone looking for a quality long or short term Spanish study program in Argentina.

Amber Robson - United States of America
Review Buenos Aires

My arrival in Buenos Aires was as like stepping into a warm bath. Friendly staff, good facilities, interactive teaching; they have put everything well together. I started with intermediate Spanish classes because I took classes in my home country too. The classes enriched my ’Castellano’ every day, mainly, because they teach in various ways. One day the teachers take you to the park, the other day you're reading (and singing) Argentinean songs. So, I didn't only learn Spanish; I too learned a lot about the Latin American culture too! Buenos Aires is an incredible place to study Spanish. The school is located in a quiet part of busy and vibrant Palermo. The host families and hostel that can be arranged via the school are close by. Buenos Aires rocks! The school in Buenos Aires is one of the best memories I have of my trip to South America. I would recommend everyone that wants to learn Spanish to check it out.

Doran Oirbons - Netherlands