Study Spanish in Latinamerica

Study Spanish in Latinamerica

Popular Spanish Schools

Cusco (Perú)

The school is situated in the amazing Inca city of Cusco, very close to the famous Plaza de Armas in Cusco. An interesting mix of Inca and colonial history is spread all throughout the city... »read more

Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Buenos Aires is an exciting place to learn Spanish. This school is situated in the city centre, in Barolo Palace, close to many interesting places, like the Pink House and the Obelisc... »read more

Medellin (Colombia)

Study Spanish in the city of the Eternal Spring: Medellín, in Colombia! In Medellín, also called ‘the most innovative city in the world’, you will see here an abundance of green parks, libraries... »read more

Montañita (Ecuador)

You can find this school at a unique location on a hill behind the town of Montañita. Therefore, the school has a stunning view of the city and the idyllic coastline where you can enjoy the waves... »read more

Oaxaca (Mexico)

If you want to improve your Spanish level in a short period and explore the Mexican culture, we highly recommend this Spanish school in Oaxaca. The passionate teachers in Mexico use effective... »read more

Havana (Cuba)

This Spanish school is located in the downtown area of Havana, in Vedado, a mere 20-30 minutes from the old town and the international airport. Vedado is close to Malecon/sea and not too long a... »read more

Popular Spanish Courses

General Spanish

Intensive Spanish immersion courses include either group classes or private instruction. Learning Spanish abroad in a native Spanish-speaking country is the best way to learn Spanish. ... »read more

Spanish & Volunteer

Volunteering Latin America is one of the best ways to practice your Spanish, learn Spanish fast, meet locals from the community, give a helping hand and give back to the community... »read more

Spanish & Intership

Doing an internship abroad has so many benefits in our globalizing world – and Latin America offers great opportunities. Employers, universities and colleges are looking for students... »read more

Gap year

Deciding to take a break year or gap year in Latin America could easily be one of the best decisions of your life. You will not only get a break from the rigorous grind of academic... »read more

Spanish for Kids

A Spanish immersion program for families (with a special Spanish program for Kids) is a great way to grow, create memories and bond through exciting activities and excursions.... »read more

Spanish & Adventure

Do you want to learn Spanish in Latin America while taking part in some world-renowned adventure activities? The Spanish and Adventure programs are ideal for students... »read more